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Paris is the golden city; the most visited city in Europe and the city that has the most movies set in it. You know you’ve traveled when you get to Paris. And thankfully CheapRooms.com can make sure your hotel room is as cheap as possible in the world most popular city.
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Getting to Paris is easy – the vast majority of major airlines stop in Paris, so you can get there from all over the US. So why visit Paris? The answer lies in the massive amount of things to see and do as well as the brilliant deals on Cheap Rooms which means that you have all the extra money for shopping!

The best way to see Paris is on foot. The city’s big attractions are all within walking distance of each other, and the best way to get the feel for Paris and its quarters is by discovering it slowly. Find the Champs Elysee and walk it to say you’ve done it (it’s now a tatty fast food boulevard), but at the end of it you’ll find the monument of monuments – the Arc de Triumphe.

One of the most beautiful churches in the world is Notre Dame and you must visit this fabulous place on your Parisian visit. It’s open 360 days of the year from 10am until 5.30 or 6.30 depending on the season. It’s register about a 12 out of 10 on the Kodak scale on the outside and it’s pretty spectacular inside too. One of it’s most famous attributes are the world-famous organists who play the churches organ. they’re appointed for life and the performances are quite extraordinary.

Surely the most impressive gallery in the world, the Louvre starts impressing you as soon as you see I M Pei’s diamond entry pavilion, keeps on impressing as you stroll the marble halls, viewing impossible painting after magnificent sculpture. You’ve seen the Mona Lisa in countless magazines and books and seeing it up close can be a little … underwhelming. That said, you have to tick it off your bucket list because iot is, quite simply, the most famous painting in the world.

Now, if you have any soul about you, you’ll want to visit one of the Paris’ finest bakeries (or boulangeries, as the Parisians like to say). You’ll do a lot worse than visit Pascal Barillon, Au Levain d’Antan” 6, rue des Abbesses, Paris 18th. They won baguette of the year in 2011 and you can trust them for high quality pastries and a typically Parisian air of arrogance, industry and loud courtesy!

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