The “Big Easy”, New Orleans is your place for your vacation fun



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New Orleans is a fantastic destination for fun and adventure all year long, for singes, couples, families or groups. If I were to name my top 5 places in the U.S. to go NOLA would be on that list. Always remember that even though New Orleans is well known as a “party place”, that’s only Bourbon Street. There’s much more to this historic town than that, believe me.

First of all, once you get off the main street, Bourbon and start visiting neighborhoods, the charm of this great town shines through. People are friendly, give awesome directions, and add certain warmth to your visit.  A super way to see the sites and visit neighborhoods is to jump on a cable car and just head out. If you see a shop or café that looks interesting, jump off and jump back on later.

There is a day or evening horse drawn carriage ride that is great for “cuddling couples” during the day, or on a “cemetery tour” during the evening, my personal favorite. If old cemeteries are your things, this is your place. Between the Voodoo in this town, and ghost’s hanging out, it’s a fact sleep isn’t very usual here.

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As there’s no shortage of places to see and things to do, we thought a few money saving tips and suggestions are in order, because this town can eat your budget for lunch.

Because we know you will spend time on Bourbon Street, we want to offer you suggestions for saving money on eats. Breakfast need not break the bank, especially if you sit in the outdoor Café du Monde and enjoy a cup of coffee and fresh hot beignet.  There are also other places to grab a croissant and hang out somewhere to people watch.

For lunch we suggest treating your party to a local treat, the Italian Muffuletta from the Central Grocery, also a great “stroll around”.

For dinner why not save that high dollar menu for another time, and simply enjoy the famous NOLA “Po-Boy” sandwich? After all, it will fill you up, and last for hours as you hit a few of the best Jazz Joints. Speaking of Jazz Joints, there are two places that you just can’t miss. The first is of course Preservation Hall where the musicians and drinks are quite famous. The second is one of my favorite evening haunts, every chance I have to hit New Orleans, the Blacksmith Tavern. To get to it, you just keep walking down Bourbon Street, until you are in the neighborhood. I wouldn’t suggest anyone walking alone, but in a crowd, no worries. When in doubt, take a cab or cart.

The Blacksmith is just that, an old Blacksmith business, turned jazz club. Nightly you never know who will sit at that piano and play for you. If your lucky, you will get a window seat, where there are no windows, just wood shutters. It’s a great place to people watch while listening to good music and sipping a cocktail or two.

Venturing off the beaten path, down to the Arts District is another place where you can see the real New Orleans, visit a museum or two, and enjoy some excellent “happy hour specials” too. One of our favorites allows you to enjoy happy hour specials and check out a museum. I’m talking about The American Sector, that’s located within a World War II museum.



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