The 5 things extra things you can with daylight savings in Las Vegas


Yes, it’s that time of year again! Summer is almost here and the clocks take a giant leap forward into daylight savings time. So, what are you going to do with your extra hour? Well, Cheap Rooms has plenty of cheap hotels in Las Vegas, just in case you plan on using it for excitement!

Because that’s Vegas! Exciting, non-stop action, entertainment and frivolity. It’s time to shake off the doom and gloom of nominee blather, winter and the economy and get on down to Las Vegas. Getting flights to Las Vegas is easy – plenty of airlines service Las Vegas daily. And there’s plenty to fit in your extra hour of daylight with in Las Vegas and Cheap Rooms makes it easy for you to enjoy the very best that Las Vegas, Nevada has to offer!

Why not think of getting out and about in Las Vegas? Let your hair down in a supercar and climb aboard a supercar for a guided tour from the Strip out to the Hoover Dam and back. Jump between a Lamborghini or Ferrari and pretend you are the bossiest of bosses. Very cool.

Life is an adventure and even more so in Las Vegas. How about going sky high and tearing up your buddies in a Sky Combat tour. You’re in the cockpit and finding out what it feels like to be a real, live fighter pilot. See Las Vegas from the air and pretend you’re in a dogfight, race the skies and you’ll never come down from this trip, believe me. Aerobatic fun in the wide open spaces of Las Vegas is something you’ll remember for a long time.

If being a real life fighter pilot is just one step too far, why not try indoor skydiving – yes, indoors. Read, safe as houses. Well, maybe not houses. Essentially you strap yourself into a mighty big parachute suit and get blown up by an enormous draft of air. Perhaps don’t wear a skirt. It’s the closest you’ll get to skydiving with leaving the ground and is tremendous fun – especially for a large family group.

With all that extra daylight time, why not explore further afield? Bootleg Canyon is in the spectacular Mojave desert and one of the attractions is the zipline experience. Hook yourself up and go flying at speeds up to 60mph over the desert scenery. The outlook is great and getting there through desert country is half the fun. Don’t coop yourself up in as casino for your Vegas adventure, get out and enjoy something quite different!

Ziplining is fun!

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