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The home of Pearl Harbor is also a cool place to reinvigorate your spirit

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I know what you’re thinking! Honolulu is the home of the skyscraper tourist hotel, a veritable magnet for tourist kitsch and a seeming fast food paradise. But dig a little… venture out past Waikiki, move two blocks away from your hotel and you’ll discover the gentle Hawaiian part of Honolulu – the sea breezes, endless sandy beaches and forest-clad vistas that the brochures are indeed full of, but are not apparent deep in the heart of downtown Waikiki!

Your first stopping point in the quest for spirituality, though, has to be the USS Arizona memorial. A graveyard and resting place for the sailors who died and a time to reflect on the indiscriminate destruction of war.

Enjoy Waikiki by all means, but venture out to Hanauma Bay nature preserve as well. It’s a protected area and lets you snorkel amongst the abundant and super-friendly sea life, diving down to the coral and enjoying the white sand beach. It’s a short bus ride from Waikiki and fills fast so get there early. Closed Tuesday so plan your trip.

The other must do is the Diamond Head crater park. Spectacular and a reminder of nature’s power. You’ll need to be relatively fit and wear comfortable shoes. It’s well worth the effort though because at the top you’re rewarded with views across Honolulu to Kailua, Waikiki and beyond. Majestic! It’s steep in parts and you’ll need water – and be ready for heat in summer.

And if you need a reminder that Hawaii is part of paradise, visit the Saturday Framers Market on Diamond Head Rd. Glorious food, fresh local produce and you can go crazy on the exotic fruits and local spicy adaptations of old favourite recipes like cheese on toast. Well worth the effort to get up early on a Saturday and make your way to foodie heaven!