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Seattle may be wet, but it’s hot right now


Seattle is nirvana. For coffee lovers, fresh seafood lovers and lovers of blustery, primal cities.

Seattle is a water city; much of the great views are found cresting ridges, driving across bridges and especially out on the Washington State Ferries. For one of the cheapest and best sightseeing excursions just jump on a ferry. The destination doesn’t matter, although one of the better ones would be the trip out to Bainbridge Island. It takes 35 minutes, costs about $7.50 and gives great views of the Seattle skyline. Whilst on Bainbridge you can do the walk (called the Waterfront Trail) and then have lunch or dinner in the marina.

If you’re a plane nut, as opposed to just plain nutty, you might enjoy the Museum of Flight. It’s in the Boeing facility and contains everything you always wanted to know about flying. It’s an awesome experience for everyone – the first Wright brothers designed glider, a Blackbird spy plane and one of only four Concorde aircraft displayed outside Europe.

The Pike Place Market is a must see in Seattle; this open air shopping haven has been feeding and entertaining Seattle for decades. There are street entertainers, artists, every nic-nac you can think of, plus quirky boutiques and tons of fresh food and flowers. It’s easy to spend the day here and it’s a good, cheap day out amidst plenty of locals.

Sometimes you just need to walk it off – an argument, a meal or all that coffee. Head down to the Seattle waterfront and just wander. It’s a mish mash of noise and people, ferries taking off, spruikers doing their thing and people dining out. It’s kitsch, it’s big and it’s fun.

Want to take in the full Seattle experience? You need to climb the 605 foot space needle and drink in the view. Forget the restaurant, just do the viewing observation deck and take your camera – it’s pretty cool.


Short stuff


50 years ago this month John F Kennedy became President. For many it will seem like yesterday. It was an extraordinary time in US politics; hope, a new generation, a young president. LIFE magazine has just released some previously unpublished photographs. Here are some of them.

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So you thought you were fit? Or knew you definitely weren’t. Kids, don’t try this at home:

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Yup winter is here (for the northern climes)… and that means a little slip, slide, slam. This year’s lucky recipient of a particularly icy blast? Show us how it’s done … Seattle.

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Food, glorious food…


Hands up who loves food! Yes, but who’d have thought it was a reason to travel? Well it is, and your destination today is Seattle… home to grunge, coffee (of course) and some of the freshest cuisine you’ll find anywhere. By virtue of its Pacific Northwest location, Seattle can boast the freshest seafood you’ve ever tasted. Its chefs are fast developing a reputation for taking good quality local produce and giving it an energetic twist. Pacific NW cuisine relies on the abundant natural ingredients, occasionally fused with Asian flavors. Salmon, Dungeness crabs, clams (geoduck and razor are particularly prized), berries, apples, and other fresh fruit, to name a few. There are many great artisanal bread bakers and cheese makers in addition to coffee and microbreweries. Travelling to Seattle is a chance to see how good food can taste. Take a chance, step away from the franchise fast food that admittedly makes travel easy and try some of the local cafes and restaurants on your Seattle trip. Chances are you’ll find a hidden gem that will ruin you forever! And if you want to try a little of everything, try these guys out: Visit link