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Is it time for a Couples Vacation in Orlando?


Orlando, Florida. Lake Eola and palm trees in foreground.

  • Orlando, Florida. Lake Eola and palm trees in foreground.

Summer is over this year, and children are back in school. So is it time for a vacation that just involves you and your wife, husband or partner? Orlando area attractions aren’t just for families and kids, and in many cases, getting your photo with Goofy can be a special thing. That being said, there are bunches of things in parks and just around town for couples, so lets take a peak.

To begin with, where you decide to stay can be key to your success in your adult getaway vacation. As you search you discount choices for hotels, look for deals on hotels like the Hilton Suites on International Drive that offer Jacuzzi suites that are a super way to begin or end your day. A spectacular pool with services also should reward you. Spending time poolside and if possible in your own cabana can be just as exciting as a day in Disney or other attractions. In fact you will probably spend much less money renting the cabana, on food and cocktails poolside than in a local attraction. In fact, if you really want to surprise your partner, surprise him or her with poolside massage or in-room or spa treatment. Believe me, sometimes a mud bath is all that’s needed to relax!



Planning your fall/winter Orlando, Florida vacation



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  • Orlando, Florida. Lake Eola and palm trees in foreground.

From fall until just before the Christmas holiday is an excellent time of year to vacation in Orlando for many reasons. For one thing, there are fewer crowds, and as an off-season prices on airfare and hotels are traditionally lower. Although temperatures are generally in the 90’s in September, gradually they decline to the 70’s by Christmas. You do need to keep in mind that Christmas is a very busy time in Orlando and the major attractions, so if that’s your vacation goal, plan ahead.

Besides all the popular attractions like Epcot and Universal that will surly keep you busy, fall/winter brings some excellent other events that might interest you.

One very popular event within Epcot is the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival that runs between September 14-November 14, 2016. We will start by giving you advance warning, it’s not a cheap escape, but well worth the $97 ticket price for the all day event.



Summer’s here and Orlando is hot!!


What better family vacation than a trip to Orlando? So much to do, so much to enjoy. And Cheap Rooms has the hotels at the best rates in Orlando right now – but time’s a wasting!

Orlando is all about family, and summer makes an ideal time to gather up all your extended family and make for destination Cheap Rooms deals make it that much more affordable.

For example, Orlando boasts some of the best golf courses in the world – beautiful greens, exotic looking fairways and testing bunkers – all at a reasonable price. Orlando Golf is a matter of choosing the course closets to your hotel and setting forth. That way dad gets some free time and the kids get to explore the theme parks.

So which of the Theme Parks takes your fancy? Discovery Cove is hugely popular but big enough to cater for the crowds. Swimming with the dolphins may not be for everyone (Grandma, I’m looking at you) but Sea Venture might be! It’s an underwater walking tour where you wear a dive helmet and explore all the good and wet stuff.

If you’ve not had the pleasure of a Cirque du Soleil show before, then don’t wait another minute. The La Nouba show at Walt Disney World is very special. All the usual dazzling costumes, dramatic light shows, leaping performers, music and choreography within an inch of its life sets the scene for individual performance which will hold you spell bound.

Who doesn’t love a fireworks show? And Disney does it so well with their Wishes Spectacular at Magic Kingdom Park. It’s on every night and is a sublime mix theater, music, cartoon characters and the actual fireworks themselves. It’s worth staying for!

…And if you can’t make it to the Wishes show, here ’tis