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The Big Apple in Fall


There’s never a bad time to visit New York… it’s just that some seasons are better than others! Fall in New York with the changing colors in Central Park, the lack of humidity and the anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas starting to build is exciting, beautiful and joyful. Check now and find a cheap hotel in New York so you and your family can enjoy one of the prettiest times of year.

With the changing seasons, enjoy some of the outdoor sights and sounds. With discount hotel rooms in New York from the more than 700 choices available.

With all those visitors, why no go off the beaten track a little and avoid the crowds. There are hundreds of not-so-famous attractions that show you the fascinating side of New York without the people. The Brooklyn Bridge Park is on the East River between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges and is home to a fully restored 3-row carousel. Set in an all-weather enclosure, it’s a perfect spot for the vagaries of Fall weather.

A place you can really appreciate the change of the seasons is glorious Central Park. Climb into your walking shoes and see a NYC icon up close as you stroll the 1.58 mile track that circles the Central Park Reservoir. Put a packed snack bag in your backpack and rest awhile in one of the fields, maybe even partaking of early season hot chestnuts.

If you strike it lucky and you’re here for Halloween, check out the annual Village Halloween Parade. You’ll have to dodge multiple Imperial Stormtroopers, Ghostbusters and varied superheroes in their underpants, but hey, NYC, right?! The parade takes off from 6th Street, in between Canal and Spring Sts on Oct 31.

The weather may be turning in, which makes the perfect excuse to take in a little late-night Broadway theater. Samuel L Jackson is appearing as Martin Luther King Jr at the Bernard B Jacobs Theater at 242 W 45th St between Broadway and Eighth Ave from Oct 13 on. There are a ton of other entertainment options and sites like TKTS often have last minute tickets at big discounts.

The surprises keep on coming on at X Factor…


5 things you didn’t know New York!


New York, who doesn’t love this big, vibrant megatown? It hums 24 hours a day (if you want it to) and if you’re after new food and bar venues, a hip, happening music scene, a cultural wunderkind and an energetic theater scene, NYC does not disappoint. Of course you’ll need a place to stay and, Cheap Rooms, has plenty of cheap hotels in New York. to tempt you – in whatever location suits you best.

Getting flights to New York is easy – every major airline services the city from across the country. There’s a never-ending series of things to see and do in New York and Cheap Rooms makes it easy to get to, and stay in, the city that never sleeps, so you can concentrate on having the best vacation ever!

You want something different? Check out the High Line. In the 1930s they built a huge elevated train track that ran through the middle of blocks and even literally through buildings, from the Meatpacking district right up to midtown. Three years ago it reopened as an unconventional public park. There’s a path that you can walk from one end to the other, which provides unexpected views of the Hudson River, patches of lawn to stretch out on, benches to read on, urban graffiti to puzzle at, and a heap of apartment and hotel windows to peer into.

Did you know? In the last two decades the rate of violent crime in America has almost halved. And New York, despite its reputation, doesn’t even appear on the top ten most dangerous cities in America. In fact, it’s has only the 47th highest rate of violent crime in the FBI’s latest city-by-city statistics.

Coffee is no new thing… but good coffee, really good, European or Australian-style coffee is. And New Yorkers, ever aware of being at the crest of a new wave have taken good coffee to heart. Sure you’ll still that dreadful drip-filter stuff all over the place, but you’ll also find wonderful coffee on every second street corner. You might even see Hugh Jackman teaching his son to use the coffee machine at his Laughing Man cafe in TriBeCa.

Speaking of famous people, you’ll see plenty of them in New York. With 250 feature films and 100+ TV shows made every year in New York, you’re going to bump into someone famous. The place to see or be seen is Manhattan. 250 films is 5 different ones a week, so your chances of seeing someone are high. And think about it – this is the home of Robert De Niro, Ethan Hawke and more. You’ll bump into them in the street, grabbing coffee or dining out.

New York is not expensive. Sure, shopping on 5th Ave, dining at Nobu and seeing a first night at the Opera is going to cost the national debt, but generally, competition for food and services keep prices well down. And there’s such a foodie culture that so-so places simply don’t last. Avoid the touristy areas, stay away from the latest, hippest gin joints and you’ll be surprisingly well-fed and watered for not much more than it costs back home.

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New York, New York


New York is a explorers dream. Explorers are not just of the backwoods variety; each of us when we’re travelling are discovering new things (to us anyway!) on a daily basis. And you’ll discover something new every day you spend in New York. You can venture out at 8 in the morning and return at 8 that night having seen something quite incredible every moment you spend out there. The streets are full of, well New Yorkers; the museums are second to, well, none, and the movie moments, where you pass a street or building from your favourite movie are everywhere.

Do something new; travel to Harlem and check out the local hot spots. Places like the Apollo theater launched the careers of Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and James Brown. Visit the renowned Church of the Intercession in Washington Heights. Hear real gospel music at the Abyssinian Church on W 38th (every Sunday at 9am & 11).

Do something old; no visit to NYC is complete without a ferry boat ride out to Staten Island. Old-school cool this is, with a boat ride on the harbor thrown in. You get to see the Statue of Liberty, the NYC skyline and you get to hop off at the other end and explore the St George terminal area. (The Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Gardens are nearby.)

Do something fun; visit the TKTS booth in Times Square and buy half price tickets to a Broadway Show (or to many of the off-Broadway shows). Take pot luck and enjoy a show you’d never normally have selected – because you never, never know unless you go!

Pretend you’re in NYC right now for just three minutes!