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Visit attractions and delicious foods off New Orleans beaten paths


New Orleans Skyline at Night

  • New Orleans Skyline at Night

When planning a visit to the historic town of New Orleans, for the first or tenth time, spending time on Bourbon Street can get a bit much after a couple days. It’s a necessary evil for new visitors, but you should understand, it isn’t the “real New Orleans”. In fact, many natives of New Orleans have not ever been on that street or near it, for that specific reason. It’s kind of like Las Vegas, where the “Strip” is there for tourists and making money.

When you need to escape the noise, crowds and staggering street people, here are some alternatives to check out.

An interesting way to spend an afternoon, but maybe not after dark is touring New Orleans Cemeteries. Yes, there are actually guided tours including horse and buggy tours. However, we suggest heading out on your own by cab to area historic cemeteries and investigation on your own. To say that there are “colorful” descriptions on the tombs is holding back. You will find many old gravesites engraved “cause of death a Duel, lightning strike, carriage wheel” and more.



The “Big Easy”, New Orleans is your place for your vacation fun



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New Orleans is a fantastic destination for fun and adventure all year long, for singes, couples, families or groups. If I were to name my top 5 places in the U.S. to go NOLA would be on that list. Always remember that even though New Orleans is well known as a “party place”, that’s only Bourbon Street. There’s much more to this historic town than that, believe me.

First of all, once you get off the main street, Bourbon and start visiting neighborhoods, the charm of this great town shines through. People are friendly, give awesome directions, and add certain warmth to your visit.  A super way to see the sites and visit neighborhoods is to jump on a cable car and just head out. If you see a shop or café that looks interesting, jump off and jump back on later.

There is a day or evening horse drawn carriage ride that is great for “cuddling couples” during the day, or on a “cemetery tour” during the evening, my personal favorite. If old cemeteries are your things, this is your place. Between the Voodoo in this town, and ghost’s hanging out, it’s a fact sleep isn’t very usual here.



Experience New Orleans, LA like a local



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You have never visited or experienced the fantastic city of New Orleans, and now you’re planning your first trip there. Of course you’ve heard that to experience the “Big Easy”, you just have to spend your time on Bourbon Street, because that’s where everything is “happening”. Sure, you’ve heard from friends that this is the center of attraction for the cities food, drinks, and music parties and of course, the “beads” and public nudity they provide.


But that’s really not New Orleans, far from it.