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Planning that Fall Vacation in Los Angeles Oktoberfest



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Vacationing in fall anywhere in California has major advantages. First of all, kids are back in school which means no more screaming on the flight to L.A.. Major attractions in the area are less crowded, no lines, restaurants are more accessible and your vacation should be less stressful. As far as the weather there really isn’t much change, except that it seems to get warmer and dryer. Forget about changing leaves because palm trees don’t drop all their gear either. One thing for sure, fashion changes do occur as you will see.

One thing that’s sure to tweak your interest is that California celebrates Oktoberfest big time! It’s not Munich but what the heck, it’s cheaper than a trip to Munich isn’t it?  It’s also an excellent source of cheap entertainment, and food.

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Grammy Awards focus on LA


With so much to see in LA, you can bet the Grammies will focus the stars, their homes and their life in LA. If you’re coming to LA, you can focus on the stars too – with ‘Tours of the Stars’ Homes’, trips to Gruman’s Chinese Theater to see the stars (literally) and a run through Universal Studios. And the really good news is … if you want to stay a while Cheap Rooms has plenty of cheap hotels in Los Angeles.
Finding a hotel in Los Angeles is easy, and so is flights to Los Angeles. The key thing to remember is that public transport isn’t so good in LA. Choose your hotel in Los Angeles in relation to the majority of things to do in Los Angeles – the things special to you and the family. Once you’re on the ground there’s plenty to see and do in Los Angeles and Cheap Rooms makes it easy to get to and stay there so that you can focus on fun!

With Grammies week well and truly here, it’s time to think stars! The Grammies have been a staple in LA since 1959 and were set up in recognition of the contribution that music makes to all our lives. The actual trophy is in the shape of an old-fashioned gramophone and they’re awarded for Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best New Artist and more. This year, the awards are at the Staples Center in Los Angeles If you can’t make it this year… check out the stars on Hollywood Boulevard for your own up close and personal look-see!

The things to do in Los Angeles include the famous J. Paul Getty museum, the best-funded museum in the world. This place is a special treat, even if you’re not that keen on art and ancient culture. The building is magnificent, set in sprawling grounds in a specially designed complex. The exhibitions are world-class and the museum is just a short drive north of LA on the Pacific Coast Highway so it’s easy to get to.

While you’re in LA catch the circus! The Cirque du Soleil IRIS show is up to their usual standards and this 21st century look at the circus genre is as exciting today as it was when they first dreamt it up. It’s a special look at the movies, ideal for LA!

You can’t go past the Grammy museum on W Olympic Boulevard. It’s small, but fascinating – if you love music – with a ton of historical exhibits and information. The museum is in the LA Live area and shows the gamut of popular taste – from heavy metal to Andrea Bocelli and back! It’s interactive – so get your Idol game face on!

Fancy travelling a little further afield to see something pretty cool? Griffith Park Observatory is newly renovated and fun for every space monster. It’s in a fantastic park location and the views back across the city are superb. You can hike off to various parts of the park or stay awhile and gen up on space and the related sciences. At night, explore the stars.

While you’re at the observatory, take a hike through Griffith Park. This sprawling park in the Santa Monica Mountains is the second largest city park in California. There are walks, golf courses, the observatory, activity zones, open air theaters, basketball and tennis courts – everything outdoorsy! Because of its proximity to many of the film studios, the park is also the setting for hundreds of movie and tv scenes – see if you can spot your favorites.


Los Angeles – city of culture?


‘Tis true that most of us think of Los Angeles as the home of swimming pools and movie stars, but there is far, far more to this great city and a lot of it is based around more than pop culture.

Take the Getty Centre for example. This amazing piece of architectural sculpture (designed by Richard Meier) is atop a hill with great views across the city. Inside the soaring structure is some of the most impressive art in the world – and your visit is free. That’s what happens when the trust that runs the place has the budget that it does (almost unlimited)!

Back downtown the Disney Concert Hall is a stunning set piece of glass and steel designed by Frank Gehry. See the Los Angeles Philharmonic there for a world-class experience.

Interested in dining out? LA has expensive restaurants for sure… but they’re not world class. The sushi joints that are everywhere on the other hand are very, very good. Try Asanebo on Ventura Boulevard, Katsu-Ya and Sushi Nozawa, also on Ventura. If you’re hankering after a very fine burger, try Father’s Office on Helms.

Of course, no visit to Los Angeles is complete without a run through Disneyland. It’s the original and the best, but try Knott’s Berry farm next door, and if it’s warm, head to Wild Rivers Waterpark in Orange County. The rides are supersize me fun and it’s a good family day out.

Did someone say shopping? Yes LA has Rodeo Drive and you can go all Pretty Woman here, but the real shopping is done in the Santee Alley fashion district (cutting edge), Commerce has good outlet shopping and there are younger fashion choices on Melrose.

Want to see something a little out of the ordinary? The founder of Hot Rod Magazine has a museum named after him. The Petersen Automotive Museum has over 200 cars, hot rods and historic pieces on display. It’s big, interactive and fun.