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London – bring it on!


The London Olympics are just about to set the place on fire – well, the torch anyway – and you’re invited! If you’re going to the Olympic city for the games you’ll have the most marvellous time – for everyone else, either side of the 27 July – 12 August dates is the time to go and Cheap Rooms, can take you there and put you up in cheap hotels in London that will make you the envy of your friends!

Getting flights to London is easy – almost every major airline in the world goes there. The London Olympics dominate news about London at the moment and if you’re making a last minute decision to go the summer games then check Cheap Rooms for the best deals (and don’t forget the lowest price guarantee).

London is a fantastic city for walking around. There’s something to see on every street corner or so it seems, and sometimes it’s like going from movie scene to book vignette and back again as you traverse Half Moon St, walk past the Old Curiosity shop and down to the Ritz, up the Mall and stand outside Buck House. It’s flat and the Tube system is brilliant so when you get tired of walking it is really easy to duck into the nearest Tube station and navigate your way back to where you’re staying.

London houses some of the best galleries and museums in the world. The Natural History Museum on the Cromwell Road (nearest tube is South Ken) is a vast, impossible-to-do-in-a-day museum that gets very crowded. Get here early in the morning and avoid weekends if possible. The exhibitions are world-beaters and change regularly. If the queues are too much the Science Museum is around the corner on Exhibition Road and the V & A (Victoria and Albert) is one block over.

London is the center of the universe for music and live theater and one of the best venues is The Royal Albert Hall on Kensington Road. This historic building is not only architecturally marvellous, it delivers great sound. Check out the website for your visit dates and chances are you’ll find something or someone you want to see. prices are relatively good and there are plenty of little pubs close by for an après or pre gig drink and bite to eat.

Immigration to Britain and London in particular has meant a hugely diversified culture and food choice. Places like Brick Lane in East London (nearest tube is Aldgate East) is a cornucopia of food, markets, bric a brac and people. Visit on the weekend to get the full flavor of this amazing place and try the corned beef bagel at the Brick Lane Beigel (yes, that’s how it’s spelt) Bakery down the far end. The queue will tell you you’re close. Brick Lane rocks out at night with several very hip nightclubs and bars and you can feast in a Balti curry house for next to nothing prior to getting it on.

Scenery like this is why we travel…


The biggest and best tourist city of them all – London!!


London gets everyone at some stage – and this is London’s Olympic year so if you’re going to go… get in quick! Ideal time to visit will be before and after for obvious space and expense reasons… and if you’re lucky enough to be going to the Olympics, well done you! Even now, as London starts to heat up season and Olympics-wise, Cheap Rooms, has plenty of cheap hotels in London to tempt you – in whatever location suits you best.

Getting flights to London is easy – almost every airline in the world heads through London and there are deals from most major hubs in the US. The London Olympics is an exciting, time and London has really come to life, luckily Cheap Rooms can make the whole booking process so simple, you’ll wonder why you’ve never done it before!

As for the things to see and do in London, the list is literally endless. If you’re an arts person, the National Gallery is quite simply superb. If you enjoy historic sites, there are dozens to choose from. If you’re a shopper, well, if you can’t find it in London, it hasn’t been produced yet. The first thing to do is get yourself a London Pass. If you’re intending to blast your way through all the attractions it’ll save you a bundle and, secondly, you can include an unlimited travel Travelcard. The tube and the buses are expensive if you’re paying for one-off journeys whereas the Travelcard lets you jump on and off and travel up to 6 zones. It really is worth it!

One for the ladies! London shopping is unique in that every possible shop and brand name is here and so is the most diverse range of small boutique-style brands. Cruise Oxford Street and Regent Street for the brands, slip over to High St Ken for up-to-the minute fashion and explore the back streets of Sloane Square for quirky stuff. Just for you – access to a shopping map with all the shopping destinations on it.

You’re on vacation so you have plenty of time for a round or two in the local pub! Wherever you’re staying, you’re within cooee of a fabulous British pub. Look out for well kept premises, with a good crowd as your guide to the action. If it’s grungy and ill-kempt – don’t bother. (And London has plenty of those.) The tradition is for each person in the group to buy a round, and generally, the beer is excellent. Australian’s quibble about it being at room temperature, but lets’ face it room temp in the UK is rather cool anyway.

The National Gallery on Trafalgar Square is quite simply one of the best galleries in the world. There are Rembrandts and Manets, Michael Angeloes and Monets, Caravaggios, Constables and Cezannes. And so on. This grandest of building’s is as exquisite on the inside as the out and can get crowded. Best of all – it’s free! The area surrounding Trafalgar Square is worth wandering around. There are good pubs close by and you’re within walking distance of Buckingham Palace.

Speaking of Buckingham Palace, this is one of the world’s great tourist drawcards. The Palace isn’t open for tours often, but you can go down the mall (following same route as Royal Wedding processions) and stand in awe in front of the building. It’s as grand and impressive in real life as it is in news reports! Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms. These include 19 State rooms, 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms. In measurements, the building is 108 metres long across the front, 120 metres deep (including the central quadrangle) and 24 metres high.

Do you want to be in the movies… here’s one possible job:


It’s hard to choose the top 5 things to do in London!


Aah London! One of the great cities of the world deserves at least one visit in a lifetime! This is the center of the universe (ish) and has more attractions per square mile than any other city. Whether it’s the Tower of London, London Bridge, a typical English pub or just a stroll through the historic streets and squares, a visit to London is busy and inspiring. Getting there is easy, London attracts millions of visitors every year – the hardest job you’ll have is deciding which are the 5 best things to see in London you’ll explore!
The West End is the theater and drinking district. You can choose to take in a play or show, eat in one of the hundreds of restaurants or find a pub to hole up in. The longest running play in the world is on at the St Martin’s Theatre in Cambridge Circus. The Mousetrap has been playing for 60 years, for more than 24,000 performances. That many people can’t be wrong. You’d be shot for forgetting your lines I assume.
There’s a great selection of cheap hotels in London on which will make you enjoy your stay even more enjoyable. London hotels in the West End, around Knightsbridge and Mayfair and Hyde Park can be expensive, but there are plenty of London hotels outside those areas.

If you want to see the number one tourist attraction in London, head to the Tower of London. It’s on the north bank of the Thames in central London and if you approach from the river side you’ll see the infamous Traitors Gate, through which Queen Anne Boleyn, Sir Thomas More, Queen Catherine Howard made their entrance. The Tower today is more famous for housing the Crown Jewels and symbols of royalty such as the crown, sceptre, and sword.

Tower Bridge crosses the Thames close to the Tower of London and is a remarkably intact suspension bridge dating from 1894. It’s an iconic representation of London and you can watch it raise and lower its span, walk across the bridge and take in an exhibition.

Is there a more famous palace than Buckingham Palace? Surely not! This grand monument to pomp, pageantry and royal splendour is at the end of the Mall, the ceremonial road way leading to the palace. Buck Palace is only a recent addition to the list of great castles of the world having been completed in 1854, If you’re one of the lucky 50,000 people who get invited to garden parties, receptions and banquets each year you’ll get a close up view of the palace, otherwise you’ll just have to settle for one of the 60 days per year the palace is open to the public for tours. Did you know – the palace costs about $20m a year to maintain? That’s an awful lot of gutters to unclog.

Time for a spot of shopping? Good, Harrods beckons. Perhaps the most famous department store in the world, Harrods has a reputation for being expensive, but that’s not entirely true. It’s worth a stroll through the hallowed doors if only to browse the food hall and shop for a few essentials in the grocery department. There’s nothing like a lunch of oysters followed by a selection of goodies from the truffles tray.

Best restaurant in town? That’s a terribly hard question, but, if you’re after some good old-fashioned English cooking, we suggest you head to Simpson’s in the Strand. The place is an institution and has been serving its traditional roast for some 150 years. Be-suited waiters carve your meal off the bone at the table and you pile on the roast potatoes, vegies and sauces. It’s an extraordinary throw back in time, and the meal isn’t half bad! Don’t tell your doctor, bring an appetite and get ready for a grand night out! (It’s very posh too!)