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What’s happening in Vegas for your vacation this year?


Las Vegas Nevada USA Street Scene Lit Up Night View of Le Venetian Casino Hotel With Replica of The Grand Canal

  • Las Vegas Nevada USA Street Scene Lit Up Night View of Le Venetian Casino Hotel With Replica of The Grand Canal
  • Welcome to fabulous Las vegas Nevada sign with blur strip road background
  • Las Vegas Famous Freemont Street Sign

If there’s one certainty about Vegas, it’s that it will constantly evolve. Ever since the early years when it was just a little desert town in the middle of nowhere, and it took organized crime to make it something, it has evolved. Starting with gambling tables, to millions of computerized games, from “strip clubs” to mega top performers and shows, evolution continues. Every time I visit Las Vegas, there’s always a new top restaurant, top new Chef, nightclub or show to visit.

Prime examples include the newly opened Cromwell Boutique Hotel, featuring the world renowned famous Chef, Giada de Laurentis restaurant, as well as the ever popular “Zip-Line”, found in many top destinations in the U.S., now found over the crowds on Fremont Streets, “Experience”.

You also are probably unaware that there’s a new Zip-line in town, that’s a heart stopper, located at the REO Resort. This baby is strung between the tops of two hotels, some 400 feet in the air, named the VooDoo Zipline.

If your looking for something a bit more “wallet friendly”, for dinner and drinks, I highly suggest heading down to the newly opened LINQ Resort, and Guy Fieri’s “Vegas Kitchen & Bar”. You’ll find awesome burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, and my favorite, his Vietnamese Sandwich, and so much more.

For those who loved and followed the super star performer “Prince”, Vegas now has a tribute to his life of music, called The Prince Tribute Show, now at the Westgate Las Vegas.



Take your mate on a romantic adventure in Las Vegas



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  • Las Vegas Nevada USA Street Scene Lit Up Night View of Le Venetian Casino Hotel With Replica of The Grand Canal

There’s a reason Las Vegas, Nevada is famously known as “Sin City”, and “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. There’s a lot that happens or can happen in Las Vegas that you wouldn’t bring your kids to, or tell Grandma about either. But hands down, if you are looking for someplace special to take someone you love for a totally romantic escape, Vegas is the place baby!

You can start your advanced planning by checking out some of the hotels in Vegas that offer “topless or clothing optional” pools if that’s something that trips your trigger. Of course, you don’t have to stay there to enjoy them, just prove your age and pay a usage fee. Among some of the best are the Venus Pool Club at Caesars Palace, Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay, and DayDream Pool Club at the M Resort that even offers free “pasties” for the ladies feeling a bit “uncomfortable”.

For the best nighttime adult pool enjoyment, the ever-popular Artisan Resort just off the strip offers its Naked Pool, with lots of adult frolicking evenings.

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5 Things To Do For Thrill Seekers in Las Vegas


rock crawlers cheap

  • rock crawlers cheap
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Las Vegas offers a few attractions that are hard to duplicate elsewhere and any vacation should include a few special things to do that stretch the budget. Experiences while traveling are often too expensive and not worth the over inflated price charged to visitors but that can be combated with some budgeting and a little research to make sure that what you get is actually worth every penny of your money. Traveling on a budget should mean that the money you save can be spent on the best possible alternatives. If you are going to spend some money these are the attractions you should consider.

There is no shortage of things to do in Las Vegas but there are only a few that can deliver as many thrills as their price tag might suggest. These attractions range from cheap to expensive but for the money you will get an experience that is close to impossible to get any where else.

rock crawlers cheap

Seeking Thrills in Las Vegas