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Welcome to the city of lights


Paris is the golden city; the most visited city in Europe and the city that has the most movies set in it. You know you’ve traveled when you get to Paris. And thankfully can make sure your hotel room is as cheap as possible in the world most popular city.
Cheap hotels in Paris with a room right in the heart of the action.

Getting to Paris is easy – the vast majority of major airlines stop in Paris, so you can get there from all over the US. So why visit Paris? The answer lies in the massive amount of things to see and do as well as the brilliant deals on Cheap Rooms which means that you have all the extra money for shopping!

The best way to see Paris is on foot. The city’s big attractions are all within walking distance of each other, and the best way to get the feel for Paris and its quarters is by discovering it slowly. Find the Champs Elysee and walk it to say you’ve done it (it’s now a tatty fast food boulevard), but at the end of it you’ll find the monument of monuments – the Arc de Triumphe.

One of the most beautiful churches in the world is Notre Dame and you must visit this fabulous place on your Parisian visit. It’s open 360 days of the year from 10am until 5.30 or 6.30 depending on the season. It’s register about a 12 out of 10 on the Kodak scale on the outside and it’s pretty spectacular inside too. One of it’s most famous attributes are the world-famous organists who play the churches organ. they’re appointed for life and the performances are quite extraordinary.

Surely the most impressive gallery in the world, the Louvre starts impressing you as soon as you see I M Pei’s diamond entry pavilion, keeps on impressing as you stroll the marble halls, viewing impossible painting after magnificent sculpture. You’ve seen the Mona Lisa in countless magazines and books and seeing it up close can be a little … underwhelming. That said, you have to tick it off your bucket list because iot is, quite simply, the most famous painting in the world.

Now, if you have any soul about you, you’ll want to visit one of the Paris’ finest bakeries (or boulangeries, as the Parisians like to say). You’ll do a lot worse than visit Pascal Barillon, Au Levain d’Antan” 6, rue des Abbesses, Paris 18th. They won baguette of the year in 2011 and you can trust them for high quality pastries and a typically Parisian air of arrogance, industry and loud courtesy!


When you’re tired of Paris…


…you’re tired of life, as the saying goes! If you’ve never strolled across Pont Neuf, climbed to Montmartre, looked out over Paris from the Eiffel Tower and queued to see the Mona Lisa, well, you haven’t lived! Paris is indeed everything they say it is – romantic, impossibly chic, exquisitely dressed and a gourmand’s natural habitat. And expensive – unless you check out Cheap Rooms, and their vast range of cheap hotels in Paris – in whatever location suits you best.

Getting flights to Paris is easy – almost every airline in the world connects to Paris and there are deals from most major hubs in the US. The City of Lights is an exciting, cultured city with all the expense that means – so make sure you check Cheap Rooms for the best deals (and don’t forget the lowest price guarantee).

So, you’ve landed in Paris, squared away the luggage in your (cheap) hotel room, and now you’re looking for something to do. Easy! If it’s first thing in the morning, get yourself up to Montmartre. You’ll know where it is by searching for the white-domed Basilica of the Sacré Cœur on its summit and once you get there you’ll love the marvellous views across Paris it delivers. It’s an arty hangout, full of touts and sidewalk caricature artists, but it’s also genuinely pretty, with loads of little shops, boutiques, cafes and bars. At night it’s a clubby hangout with plenty for the night owl.

So you’re not really the arty type and all you really know is the Mona Lisa? (You can see that at the Louvre.) But what you really should see are the Impressionists at the Musee d’Orsay. This most impressive of art galleries boasts the best collection of Impressionist paintings in the world. The biggest names in the world – Edouard Manet, Edgar Degas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Alfred Sisley, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Auguste Rodin – sit side by side in room after room. It really is a jaw-dropping place and you’ll see why they’re regarded as the best artists in the world.

One of the most famous museums and art galleries in the world – indeed, one of the most famous buildings in the world is The Louvre. It’s worth the queues, worth the effort. Inside this glorious building is some of the most well-known art in the world, including the Mona Lisa. It’s free to get in on the first Sunday of the month. It’s everything you’ve ever heard and more. Explore the galleries and revel in the collections of everything from paintings to sculpture, design and more. You’ll even see Napoleon’s private apartments. Our tip is to get there early on a weekday morning. Avoid peak summer season when large numbers of tourists are in Paris.

If you enjoy your shopping then Paris has something special for you! Head to an area called Saint-German-des-Pres and roam streets full of galleries, beautiful boutique clothing shops (that are priced for the average Joe), bars, boulangeries and cafes. The area is slightly edgy and there are street performers, beautiful apartments and lovely parks all within walking distance. It’s just across the river from the Louvre and close to the Musee d’Orsay.

Paris has so many attractions it’s hard to list them all. Start with the Eiffel Tower of course and walk along the Seine, but the one ‘must see’ in Paris in our opinion is Notre Dame. This extraordinary building is in the heart of Paris and is impressive from afar – and spectacular up close. This classic of gothic architecture was started in 1160 and completed almost 200 years later. If you’re lucky you’ll be there for an organ recital, you may hear the bells too. Entry is free.

A magic trick done well is a brilliant thing! Enjoy:


The 5 food things you must do in Paris!


Paris France in spring, fall and summer, and mostly in winter is a beautiful thing! We know it, and the French know it (that explains a little of the arrogance.) But in truth, there’s so much to see and do in Paris, a year is hardly enough time. Of course if you want to stay a year, Cheap Rooms has plenty of cheap hotels in Paris. So get your skates on.

Getting flights to Paris is easy – plenty of airlines service the city from most east coast international airports. There’s a plethora of things to see and do in Paris and Cheap Rooms makes it easy to get to the marvellous city of lights so you can concentrate on having the best vacation ever!

You want food? Paris has got food! Great food of every price point and all of it is made with pride. If you want to try a quick whirl around the best of Asia, head to the quartier chinois (Chinatown, in the 13th) between Place d’Italie and Porte d’Ivry. This foodie paradise has all the exotic cuisines of Asia, prepared with the freshest ingredients and has becaome a favorite stopping off point for young Paris.

Paris (or France) invented the idea of the neighborhood bistro and the concept still goes strong off the tourist trails. Try Astier, in Oberkampf, and you won’t be disappointed. The tables are crammed in, the drinks are cold and the food delicious. The noise and bustle will convince you you’re in the real Paris. You’ll find it at 44 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 11e, Paris.

People-watching is a great Parisian pastime – everyone does it so you won’t be alone! Start off in one of the cafes opposite the Louvre – Le Fumoir for example – then move on to the terrace of Le Petit Fer à Cheval in the Marais where you’ll find arty Paris congregating, then head up to Montmartre to get some fresh air and a close up look at the typical tourist in Paris.

Is there a more sophisticated spot right now in Paris than the Right Bank? No, and here’s where to enjoy an evening drink with the crowds on their way out. The Right Bank is traditionally the wealthier, more upmarket siode of Paris and as such has more traditional, larger venues. It’s architecturally interesting and is where most of the Paris attractions are. Try the vintage-style Chez Jeanette in Strasbourg St-Denis.

Traditionally, French wine has had a heady international reputation. All other wines are compared with it. If you’re not that familiar with French styles, go wine tasting for your education and pleasure. The Baron Rouge at 1 rue Théophile Roussel, 12e, has a marvellous selection and you’ll also enjoy the little nibbles provided alongside the wine. It’s terribly trendy so be prepared for milk crates and an outdoor setting.

Best restaurant in town? The answer is different to the most expensive, happily! Hidden Kitchen is run by two Americans in Paris who host dinner parties for 16 at their apartment opposite the Louvre. The idea is to try new and exciting recipes amongst a different group of people. The food is excellent and the real pleasure is in dining with complete strangers from all around the world in a private dinner party setting.