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Let the London Olympics fire you up to enjoy Dublin…


With the recent closing ceremony for the London Olympics drawing the focus on London to a close, it’s time to start thinking about all the other great and fabulous cities in Europe that are postcard pretty and tourist-friendly. Let your mind travel to a cheap hotels in Dublin and start thinking about the non-sporty entertainments and all the great attractions in Dublin. Be quick, there are plenty of hotel rooms and good cheap deals in Dublin but good rooms go fast.

Once you’re in Dublin, getting around is easy. Most attractions are within walking distance of the city center and the cabs are cheap and plentiful. Great Dublin entertainment is found in Temple Bar, O’Connell St and the surrounding streets. Book a hotel room deal now on Cheap Rooms and take advantage of the sheer beauty to be found in Dublin.

There’s a lot to choose from. Some of the ‘must sees’ include the National Museum of Ireland, the National Gallery of Ireland, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Trinity College, Chester Beatty Library, Christ Church Cathedral, Phoenix Park and Dublin Zoo. The Book of Kells in Trinity Library is one of the finest surviving examples of an illustrated Gospel manuscript in Latin. The illustrations and calligraphy represent an epic point in 8th century scholarship. There are four volumes and the library displays two of the volumes at any point in time, one showing an illustration, the other showing the text.

Shopping in Dublin is a divine experience. The full retail experience is available here and Dublin’s best shopping is not limited to one area. Try Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre if the weather is a bit iffy. If you like the whole outdoor market, cafe, cool kids vibe get along to Cow’s Lane Fashion and Design Market. Your standard mall experience with an Irish flavor can be found at Dandrum shopping center.

You’re on vacation so a little late night celebrating is on the cards we’d guess! Your best bet for nightlife, bars and clubs in Dublin is the Temple Bar area. The bars and restaurants are side by side and it’s hard to pick a winner. Choose a quiet pre-dinner bar then slip across the road to the restaurant of your choice and then on to a nightclub after dinner. You can’t really go wrong in Temple Bar. And the best part…? The Irish Pubs are the real thing!

It’s no secret that the Irish like a drink. And it’s no surprise that many of their famous poets, writers and musicians are keen on a bevy or two. Why not combine the two with a Dublin Pub crawl that combines the best pubs with the best literary associations. There are pub crawls that take you to the favorite watering holes of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and Oscar Wilde. All authentic, lovely little pubs that exude Irish warmth and hospitality. Cheers!

Here’s how to have fun in the sun…


The best things to do in Dublin


Strolling past the banks of the Liffey River and gazing back at the colors, sights and sounds of Dublin, it’s hard not to make plans to move permanently to this delightful city. Dublin city is full of coffee bars and glorious Georgian houses, Asian markets and Guinness on every street corner, Dublin enjoys life and makes you want to join in.

The drinking and carousing is done in Temple Bar with perhaps the finest Irish pub in Dublin city (and therefore in the world) at the Stag’s Head in Dame Ct. This 1770 institution goes strong into the wee small hours and there’s plenty of action surrounding it too, in the form of more bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

There’s a great selection of cheap hotels in Dublin on will make you enjoy your stay even more enjoyable. Dublin hotels are centered in the downtown area and flights to Dublin connect regularly with London and other European destinations. Dublin is a popular city so book your Dublin hotels well in advance.

If you’re after a little Irish culture, do the Trinity College tour and get an up-close and personal look at one of the first universities in the world. As part of your tour you’ll get to see the Book of Kells, the hand drawn, illuminated manuscript containing four of the Gospels done in 800 AD.

Ireland, and Dublin, is replete with history. If you want to explore the darker side, make the trip to Kilmainham Gaol Historical Museum. A notorious Dublin city gaol, known for harsh treatment, dank conditions and cruelty, the tour is a thoroughly informative hour an a half well spent.

Dublin Castle is a riveting look at the center of power in Dublin for many centuries. It’s big and grand of course, and the tour is exceptionally well done. The original parts of the building were constructed in 1204, and the building continued to evolve for centuries. It has seen torture and execution, presidential inaugurations and all manner of pomp and circumstance. It’s close to the city in Dame St, so easy to get to.

The main shopping area is north of the river in Henry St, just off the major landmark street of O’Connell. Wander the streets close to here and you’ll see the impressive Needle, as well as plenty of shops to while away a few hours. Across the river, the beautiful St Stephen’s Green is worth exploring (especially for any fans of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Best food in town? Plenty to choose from, but try the Epicurean Food Hall on Lower Liffey St for a sampling of some 20 food stalls. Other good eating places include the Soup Dragon at 168 Capel St, where you’ll find hearty Irish soups and stews, plus other traditional fare for a reasonable price.


Would you be after drinking a pint of Guinness then?!


Ireland’s favorite tipple is just one of the many pleasures awaiting you in Dublin. This most hospitable of cities is a pleasure to roam at your leisure.

Scenically, it’s a beautiful old European city with marvelous churches and old buildings a plenty. Park your self in the middle of the city in O’Connell St and just walk – you’ll easily fill an entire day.

If you love castles, Dublin Castle is well worth the effort – if only to see the dreadful history imparted on the Irish by the British.

Dublin is home to the real deal – Irish themed pubs that make all those pale imitations back at home seem, well, rather pale. Dublin is full of parks and gardens and it’s full of the Irish. Are there friendlier folk on the planet? After time spent in Dublin, you’ll think not.

If you like the idea of visiting an Irish pub, you’re not stuck for choice. There’s a pub on every second street corner, many of them snug little havens from the outside world. Beer is taken seriously here and a pint of Guinness will take at least 5 minutes to pour – so think ahead. Our choice? Any Irish pub is worth a visit! Take pot luck.

A little culture is good for the soul and Dublin is home to Trinity College. Surely one of the most respected musical colleges and general universities on the planet. It’s also home to The Book of Kells, a historic document, beautifully illustrated and dating from around 800 AD. Wander over to Christ Church Cathedral for a look at how the Irish do religion. (They take it rather seriously!)

The must do? Shopping in Grafton St and partying hard in Temple Bar, home to some of Dublin‘s best night spots, restaurants and unusual shops. They line the narrow, cobbled streets running between the Bank of Ireland and Christ Church Cathedral.

And of course, education is a big deal in Ireland… just ask this 8 year old: