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Visiting Denver, Colorado through the eyes of a local


Beer on tap in Denver

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If you have nevDenver Skyline at Night, Coloradoer visited Denver, or even if you have, there are places to see and things to do that you probably missed. Here we are going to give you the insight of what local’s do when friends and family come to town. Where they go, where they eat, what they see and what they avoid and when.

Most notably Denver is well known and visited for it’s awesome deep powder skiing and snowboarding. However, if you aren’t a skier or are here during warmer weather, there’s a whole new experience of Denver awaiting you. Everything about this city reeks of adventure, from mountain climbing to river rafting, fishing, biking and more. It’s just a very healthy state, and by the way, has the least population of over-weight residents in the U.S.



SomeDenver 1 of the best outdoor fun can be had on the water, and the location most often frequented by Denver residents and their guests is Confluence Park that is easily accessible, because it’s right downtown Denver. There’s a bunch to do at this park, from renting kayaks and floating the river, to bicycling the many trails.


When it’s time for a relaxing dinner and maybe a club or two in the evening, head to Tavern or Jackson’s and other excellent restaurants in the Lodo area of town. There’s always something going on in this hip area of Denver, and when the weather is nice, rooftop bars are the place to be.


When most people think of Denver, they think John Denver and Coors Brewery, which is still the largest brewery in the world. It’s always a good place to spend time on a tour of the facilities, located in Golden, but locals tend to bring their friends and visitors to the local brewing companies right downtown Denver. Both The Great Divide and Wynkoop Brewing Companies offer some awesome beer on tap, and a tasting menu to get you started. You can join in on one of the tours of facilities and see how the whole operation works.

While on the subject of sipping, you just must visit Williams & Graham, which one would expect to see in Chicago, but is really entertaining the nightlife in Denver. You actually have to enter trough a secret entry, in the form of a bookcase, and once inside, find yourself in an old days “speakeasy”. If you are a cocktail aficionada, then this is your place, because the bartenders are the tops of the bunch.

Now for the hungry visitor, food joints that won’t break your debit card!

Because there are no shortages of restaurants in Denver, we are leading you to a couple dollars friendly, with great food. The first is a sweet place for lunch or sandwiches to do for that picnic by the river.

Masterpiece Deli is in the downtown area, and serves up terrific reuben as well as beef brisket sandwiches.

Finally, we all have been there, after a few hours hitting the popular clubs and bars, dancing and singing the night away, now we’re hungry. What do we crave?

A big, juicy burger with all the fixings and of course fries. Do we want McDonalds? No!

Where do the locals go when late night hunger strikes? Steubin’s, open every night from 10 PM until??? Get a great cheeseburger with fries and choice of a can of PBR, Coors or Oly for only $7. Great way to end a perfect evening in Denver.


Come to the mile-high city!


Denver, Colorado is a mere 20 km from the foothills of the mighty Rockies and began life as a mining town. It was a wild place; full of tough men, gamblers and wild women. Today, it’s history is still there for all to see in the myriad statues that adorn city parks and prominent corners.

Start your Denver experience in LoDo, the best neighbourhood in downtown Denver. The area is a cosmopolitan gathering of restaurants, cafes and art galleries. It’s a cool place to hang out and watch the cool people! Union Station is close by and the historic buildings, dating back to gold rush days, are a constant reminder of Denver’s frontier town status. There are plenty of bars and clubs here too if that’s your 2 in the morning thing. Jump on a trolley to get from one end to the other. The cutest thing about the area? Many of the bars have pianos out on the street, waiting for passers by to sit down and whip out a ditty – lots of fun!

Love your baseball? Then Coors Field is for you. You can take a tour if you’re not lucky enough to catch a scheduled game.

Fitness fanatic? You’ll get off on Denver. There are more than 200 parks to jog and walk through, or if you’re up for it, try a bike ride. The place is covered in bike trails and boasts more than 2,000 miles of cycle ways. Denver is relatively flat so cycling is a non-sweaty way to get around.

If you’ve brought the kids the one thing you have to show them is the Museum of Nature & Science. It’s the fourth largest Museum in the US and is a fitting tribute to all things scientific.

Must dos. The 16th Street shopping mall (don’t worry fellas, it’s much than a mall). Walk the strip down to the arts precinct. The architecture is spectacular with the Hamilton Building which houses the very modern Denver Art Museum, a standout. Just chill in the park, take in the views and spend some time wandering around – you’ll love it.

Colorado and the Rockies get under your skin.


All that snow, where to go?


When the Christmas rush is over and you’ve a little leave time to spare (!), a ski nut’s thoughts turn to the best skiing he/she can possibly get. With all the cold weather, anywhere with a mountain has to have record falls doesn’t it? Maybe you have to temper your choice with a little nod to the needs of the little ones.
Which leads us to Telluride.
The town itself is a former silver mining camp on the San Miguel River in the western San Juan Mountains, in south-western Colorado. Its isolated location makes it a tad hard to get to, but the effort is well worth it. Grand vistas unfold before you on the drive in, and once you’re there the 1700 acres of skiable terrain means you’ll never feel crowded out. There’s a lot of expert terrain but medium skiers will also find plenty to do.
Long time favorites include The Plunge for experts, intermediate See Forever, and the 4.6 mile Galloping Goose for beginners. Freestylers of all levels can hit one of several terrain parks.