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San Diego Day Trips for the whole family


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Vacationing in San Diego is a dream come true for all first time visitors to this sun city, and the adventures are virtually endless. If you have planned your vacation well, you will enjoy the local beaches, Seaport Village, Coronado Island and downtown San Diego and its Gaslamp Quarter. This can easily take up your first few days, but please keep in mind, there’s a lot more to see and do within an hour or two by car that you should take advantage of.

The LaJolla and Carlsbad area are just up the coast about a half an hour and offer families the adventure of LEGOLAND in Carlsbad. Spend a few hours there, letting the kids enjoy rides, run around and build things, and then you can get to explore somewhere nearby. Strolling the streets of Del Mar, the quaint little beach town is fun, maybe lunch and a pub brew or two.

LaJolla has some of the best beaches on the California coast, especially for younger children. There’s the LaJolla Cove, where the protected area is home to many reefs, and underwater life. If you didn’t bring your own snorkels and fins, rent some for some fun and adventure. If you really want to give your youngsters, or yourself an experience, this is a great place for a surfing lesson.



5 Ways To Extend The Summer Season



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Just because the calendar suggests that you can put the swimsuit away for the season, does not mean that summer is done. If you are one of those people who hopes to have the endless summer there are plenty of destinations that offer up sunshine most of the year.

These five spots will not hamper your fall, winter or spring vacations with snow and bone chilling temperatures. If you seek sunshine there is no better way to leave the chill at home and chill out with a drink in your hand and you toes n the sand. Well, you will not always get sand in Las Vegas but it does not get so cold you that you’ll need to pack a snow shovel.

5 Spots To Find The Endless Summer

Los Angeles – You can often find crowded beaches in Los Angeles in the middle of the winter while the rest of the country is deep under a few feet of snow. The local amusement parks like Disneyland and Six Flags are less crowded and local sports teams like the Lakers, Kings and Clippers are deep into their seasons. What you might not find are droves of tourists as people don’t visit in big number outside of the traditional summer months. Try a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation. Check prices on hotels that you would otherwise avoid for fear of breaking the budget and you might find that their rates drop once the busy tourist season has ended.



San Diego, take a bow


San Diego makes for a great long weekend escape – somewhere warm with plenty to do, great food and a huge range of cheap hotel rooms for every budget. Get to San Diego with and get into a cheap hotel in San Diego that will leave plenty of cash left over to enjoy yourself with!

August sees Seniors Day (the 21st to be exact), so we say take your parents to San Diego. a discount hotel from Cheap Rooms you really can afford to shout mom and dad a great trip to a lovely part of California.

Something that all ages get is the USS Midway in San Diego. This world-class attraction of a full-blown aircraft carrier is an interactive, hands-on museum honoring the folks who served. She was the longest serving carrier in the 20th century and you’ll see 50 years of naval history up close as you explore all areas of the ship. Climb aboard and see the sleeping quarters, the flight deck, the galley, engine room, pilot’s ready room and officer country. It’s pretty cool and well worth the queues.

To get the most out of your Midway visit, plan on at least three hours so you can see all the best exhibits on the Midway. We suggest starting out early in the morning as close to the opening time of 9am as you can get and make your way to the Captain’s Bridge first. This becomes crowded as the day goes on and they stop people coming through at about 4pm. The tour is self-guided but there are plenty of ex-serviceman on board to answer your questions. As an added bonus there are now more than 15 restored fighter jets on display.

Naval Base San Diego is close to Balboa Park and is homeport to nearly a third of the Navy’s fleet in the Pacific theater. The vast base covers some 97 acres of land and the San Diego navy base, while off limits to casual visitors, has several vantage points close by where you can see the enormous fleet of some 51 ships at anchor. The impact of the navy in San Diego isn’t hard to see. Sailors and their families are everywhere – usually out and about enjoying Balboa Park.

The beauty of San Diego’s Balboa Park is in the sheer choice of things to do. There are museums, open spaces for the kids, the San Diego Zoo, the miniature railroad, and the Visitors Center in the House of Hospitality. There are gardens and play areas, restaurants and hiking trails and plenty of activities on a month-by-month basis, such as movie nights, street theater and more. The museums are plentiful – from the San Diego Air & Space Museum to the Automotive Museum, the Museum of Man and the Veteran’s Museum & Memorial Center (perfect if you’re bringing dad to San Diego and he’s a vet).

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