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The Big Apple in Fall


There’s never a bad time to visit New York… it’s just that some seasons are better than others! Fall in New York with the changing colors in Central Park, the lack of humidity and the anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas starting to build is exciting, beautiful and joyful. Check now and find a cheap hotel in New York so you and your family can enjoy one of the prettiest times of year.

With the changing seasons, enjoy some of the outdoor sights and sounds. With discount hotel rooms in New York from the more than 700 choices available.

With all those visitors, why no go off the beaten track a little and avoid the crowds. There are hundreds of not-so-famous attractions that show you the fascinating side of New York without the people. The Brooklyn Bridge Park is on the East River between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges and is home to a fully restored 3-row carousel. Set in an all-weather enclosure, it’s a perfect spot for the vagaries of Fall weather.

A place you can really appreciate the change of the seasons is glorious Central Park. Climb into your walking shoes and see a NYC icon up close as you stroll the 1.58 mile track that circles the Central Park Reservoir. Put a packed snack bag in your backpack and rest awhile in one of the fields, maybe even partaking of early season hot chestnuts.

If you strike it lucky and you’re here for Halloween, check out the annual Village Halloween Parade. You’ll have to dodge multiple Imperial Stormtroopers, Ghostbusters and varied superheroes in their underpants, but hey, NYC, right?! The parade takes off from 6th Street, in between Canal and Spring Sts on Oct 31.

The weather may be turning in, which makes the perfect excuse to take in a little late-night Broadway theater. Samuel L Jackson is appearing as Martin Luther King Jr at the Bernard B Jacobs Theater at 242 W 45th St between Broadway and Eighth Ave from Oct 13 on. There are a ton of other entertainment options and sites like TKTS often have last minute tickets at big discounts.

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Get outdoors in New York this summer…


There’s plenty to see and do, including lots in Central Park and the newest sensation of them all the High Line. Don’t forget movies under the stars in Bryant Park, Monet’s Gardens in Central Park, Governors Island and there’s much more besides. And has the best deals in New York hotel rooms with plenty of cheap rooms in New York ready now – even in the high season.

One of the most exciting public space projects in the US is the High Line, running a green thread through the city. discount hotel Cheap Rooms deal for New York and visit the great outdoors – on top of a rail line in Manhattan this summer!

If you’ve seen Monet’s water lily paintings in Paris or a book, you’ll know of the inspiration in the gardens at Giverny, France. But how do you get to see the very same in New York? You visit Central Park in NYC and see what some talented botanists can pull together. They’ve re-created the gardens at Giverny to give New Yorkers a taste of what Monet saw all those years ago. The colors are sublime, the beautiful lilies and the space lovingly created to give you an extraordinary taste of France in the middle of Central Park.

If you’re in New York for an extended period make the effort to get over to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. They’re a gorgeous space in summer with plenty of spots to throw a picnic blanket and during fall they’re quite pretty as the leaves and trees lose their color. There’s a herb garden, a fabulous Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden and make sure you go for a ramble through the native flora garden.

Governors Island is just 7 minutes on a ferry from downtown New York. Catching a ferry to Governors Island is a cheap way to spend a day. You’ll see the glory of Manhattan from the water and get to experience art, a little food and some non-stop partying during summer and fall. There are plenty of food choices so just climb aboard a ferry and lots of historic homes and spots to visit.

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The Big Apple gets easier to eat!


It’s easy to love New York – so much to see, so much to do – but it has a reputation for being expensive. Not so! And especially not so with Cheap Rooms who has cheap hotels in New York for a bargain bite of the Big Apple.

With so much to see and do in New York it’s probably best to choose what you want to enjoy then make a hotel choice on the best area for access. Manhattan is generally where most of the action is and Cheap Rooms deals make it that much more affordable.

And the really good news is that there are a host of attraction in NYC that don’t cost a bomb. One of the best museums in the world is the Met and entry is via suggested donation. Decide what you think it’s worth – or what you can pay – and in you go. The exhibitions change regularly and a regularly host special treat exhibitions (which you’ll likely pay extra for).

With summer here take a stroll to Central Park. There are free shows on all over the place and plenty of special places to visit like Strawberry Fields and the John Lennon memorial close to his old Dakota apartment building. There’s also ‘the Pond,’ at the southeastern corner, where Holden Caulfield kept turning to in ‘The Catcher in the Rye,’ wondering where those ducks go when it’s cold.

New York is full of artists, bohemian and otherwise. The best place to see loads of work is the Chelsea area, between 10th and 11th streets. If you’re especially cheap try and time your visit for Thursday night wine and cheese evenings. The art is of a high standard, many pieces are ultra affordable and you can browse to your heart’s content with no pressure to buy.

You may not know it but NYC has the largest mausoleum in the US and it’s home to General Ulysses S Grant and his wife. The massive granite edifice is on Riverside Dr at 122nd St, Morningside Heights. It took years to raise the funds to build the mausoleum amidst rambunctious controversy and general politicking, but the final result is a wonderful, well, copy of the Mausolus’ tomb at Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

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