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5 Ways To Extend The Summer Season



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Just because the calendar suggests that you can put the swimsuit away for the season, does not mean that summer is done. If you are one of those people who hopes to have the endless summer there are plenty of destinations that offer up sunshine most of the year.

These five spots will not hamper your fall, winter or spring vacations with snow and bone chilling temperatures. If you seek sunshine there is no better way to leave the chill at home and chill out with a drink in your hand and you toes n the sand. Well, you will not always get sand in Las Vegas but it does not get so cold you that you’ll need to pack a snow shovel.

5 Spots To Find The Endless Summer

Los Angeles – You can often find crowded beaches in Los Angeles in the middle of the winter while the rest of the country is deep under a few feet of snow. The local amusement parks like Disneyland and Six Flags are less crowded and local sports teams like the Lakers, Kings and Clippers are deep into their seasons. What you might not find are droves of tourists as people don’t visit in big number outside of the traditional summer months. Try a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation. Check prices on hotels that you would otherwise avoid for fear of breaking the budget and you might find that their rates drop once the busy tourist season has ended.



Las Vegas – David Copperfield at MGM Grand Hotel


Las Vegas -David Copperfield at MGM Grand Hotel -2013-04-01 until 2013-04-17; 2013-04-25 until 2013-04-30
With a reputation that is unmatched in the field of magic, David Copperfield is perfectly suited to the glamour and glitz that personifies Las Vegas, and his show is one of the most popular in town. Combining a holiday in Vegas with a show such as this is the ideal break for couples, and the venue itself – the glorious MGM Grand Hotel -is one of the landmarks of the famous city. David Copperfield is never one to shy away from grand illusions and is famous for his award winning displays of simply outrageous magical illusions. His current show is entertainment of the highest order, a must-see event that should not be missed if you are planning a trip to Las Vegas.
As one of the most exciting cities in the USA it is no surprise that Las Vegas attracts millions of tourists every year. The casino capital of the States, Vegas is a place like no other, a city where life is lived to the full, 24 hours every day, and excitement is always close at hand. Contrary to popular opinion there are many cheap hotels in Las Vegas that are suitably close to the action, and that offer great facilities and comfortable accommodation. At you can book your Las Vegas hotel with ease, and choose from one of many, but it’s essential that, when visiting Las Vegas, you take in one of the spectacular shows, and what better than a brilliant performance by the legendary illusionist David Copperfield?

David Copperfield amazing audiences in Las Vegas
Las Vegas is a world of spectacle, and what could be more spectacular than seeing the world’s premier magician. David Copperfield is a expert illusionist whose experience ensures each of his shows are impeachable. He has been awarded Magician of the Century by The Society of American Magicians, won 21 Emmy Awards and received a Living Legend Award from the Library of Congress. In his Vegas show Copperfield pulls out all the stops, with tricks that are as elaborate as they are fantastical. These are no mere card tricks; this is a magic show from one of the best showmen in the business.
The choice of hotels in Las Vegas is comprehensive and, being a compact city, all are within easy reach of the casinos and the MGM Grand where Copperfield’s show is to take place. A popular and surprisingly affordable hotel is the Excalibur Hotel Casino, situated in the every heart of the famous Strip, and close to the shops, restaurants and bars that occupy this thriving part of the city. With well appointed rooms and full facilities on site it makes an ideal base for a Vegas holiday. Another popular choice is the spectacular Luxor Hotel, situated at the southern end of the Strip and close to all the attractions. This stunning and iconic pyramid shaped hotel exudes glamour and style, and is a great place for a romantic break. You may also want to check out the MGM Grand Hotel, the venue for the David Copperfield show, as there are excellent deals on affordable packages at
The beauty of the Nevada desert is perfectly encapsulated in the excitement, colour and noise that comes with bustling, living Las Vegas, and this is the city that is home to the grand, adventurous shows that the likes of David Copperfield are famed for. The prospect of an invigorating holiday in this unique and vibrant city, including a great show by one of the world’s most amazing performers, is one that makes for a fabulous and memorable holiday.


Fun with the family in Vegas!


You probably already know that kids and casinos are a no no, so what to do if you’re in Vegas with the kids for a vacation break? First thing to do is browse to find a child-friendly cheap hotel in Las Vegas to use as your base for exploring all of Las Vegas’ many family attractions.

The infamous strip, synonymous with all things adult is surprisingly child friendly – with captivating side attractions to play off against the ubiquitous gaming rooms. Do make sure you book a discount hotel room in Las Vegas that’s close to the Strip – because most of the sights are close by.

If your children are of an age where adventure and thrills-a-minute are the order of the day, you might try Adventuredome at Circus Circus. This is five and half acres of indoor theme park fun under a gigantic glass dome with everything the serious thrill seeker could necessarily want. There are traditional carnival rides, thrill rides, laser tag and miniature golf for the putt putt aficionado. There’s an arcade, clown shows and a 4D Special FX theater for the little ones.

The aquarium at the Silverton Hotel is a show you make yourself – with more than 160 species of marine wildlife in the one enclosure. Take the toddlers and let them enjoy triggerfish, parrot fish, leopard sharks and the interestingly-named Achilles Tang. Even better is the unicorn tang – a fish that grows up to two feet long with a unique horn growing out of the head.

Every teenager wants to solve crime in the big city… don’t they? Find out at the CSI: The Experience attraction at the MGM Grand. Combine science and critical thinking in order to solve one of the three crime scene scenarios. Three murders – and 15 suspects – what will you do, will you catch the murderer?