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The natural treasures of Cabo San Lucas


The once sleepy fishing village of Cab San Lucas is still sleepy – because the place is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Cabo is a vacationer’s dream with everything for the restaurant fan, the beach lover and the nature chaser. But first, see for quality hotels in the best locations in Cabo San Lucas. There are excellent hotels in central Cabo for very reasonable prices.

Cabo San Lucas has a hotel for every budget – from super luxury to charming tourist villas. There are good deals on Cheap Rooms and each hotel and location has its own special charm.

Cabo San Lucas is a real catch for nature lovers because the dolphins and whales that make up a large part of the local fauna are so accessible. Your first trip should be in one of the glass bottomed boats that take you out to the Arch (or ‘El Arco’) where you’ll see pelicans and sea lions. The Arch is in a place called the Three Friars because of the unique rock formations that make up the scenery. It’s on the peninsula’s southern tip and it gives you a look at the mighty Pacific Ocean as well as the Sea of Cortez.

If you have a romantic yearning to go whale watching, Cabo San Lucas will suit you down to the ground. From October through to March the Baja peninsular sees the annual migration of gray whales. They often rest awhile in the shallow lagoons that dot the area and any number of tours can take you to locally favored locations.

Cabo Pulmo is a much loved local park and an official Mexican National Marine Park. It’s a long day trip from Cabo but worthwhile because of the most spectacular coral reef in the Baja area and home to a host of unique sea life. Better see it while you can, a large resort complex is being built nearby and seems to likely to impact the reef and environs.


Cabo San Lucas wants you to have fun!


If there was ever a place designed to have fun in Cabo San Lucas is it! This place has everything you need – whatever style of vacationer you are! Crash with a book on the beach? No problem. ASction man? easy. Adventure in the back country? Can do. Check Cheap Rooms, and their vast range of cheap hotels in Cabo San Lucas throw the sunscreen in a bag and get going.

Getting flights to Cabo is easy – it’s a popular place and you can easily connect through LA or San Diego. Cabo is an exciting, busy and beautiful place so check Cheap Rooms for the best deals (and don’t forget the lowest price guarantee).

Packing your bags for Cabo is the easy part – take very little! Because it all comes on the beaches! But, that said, there are plenty of activities in Cabo that do need clothing. Golf, for example. Golf at the Cabo Real is an exquisite experience that was rewarded with the hosting chores for two PGS Senior Slams. The course and the resort are on the beach front and the setting, within 3000 acres, is a brilliant clash of beach, greenery and desert.

If you’re looking for the perfect beach, it’s hard to go past Playa Palmilla This gorgeous little cove has safe swimming and plenty of room to throw the towel on. There are a couple of activities to do like stand up paddle boarding and the like. There area few waves so snorkelling on shore can be iffy. Rent a small fishing boat and go snorkelling offshore or just enjoy the scenery.

A great beach with safe swimming is Playa Chileno on the The Sea of Cortez side of the Baja. The turquoise ocean draws you in with its warmth and there’s an incredible reef just off shore. If yoiu have young kids with you, they’ll love the snorkelling opportunities the reef provides. Very young children will enjoy the tidal rock pools. Avoid the weekends because it’s a bit of a locals hangout (which tells you how good it is!).

One thing you must do while in Cabo is the trip to El Arco, or Land’s End, Mexico style. The startling rock formations are quite surreal and the marine wildlife, such as sea lions, basking on the rocks is terrific. You can go snorkelling in the area, but watch out – you have the serene Sea of Cortez on one side and the mighty Pacific Ocean ready to belt you on the other.

Insanely good street drumming! Wow.


Gone fishin’…


Put the sign on the door, shut up shop and cancel the papers, we’re heading to Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo is just down the road, on the southern tip of the Baja peninsular. Yup, it has had massive growth and rapid development that outstripped the ability of the local populace to factor in a lot of environmental mitigation to the high rise behemoths that litter the beachfront… BUT, this is still one of the best spots on the west coast to watch whales nurturing their young. Huge pods of the beautiful mammals spend winter in the warm waters; they give birth here and rest before taking the family home to Alaska.

Literally thousands of Gray whales make their annual 6,000 mile migration from the summer feeding grounds of Alaska to the calving grounds of Cabo San Lucas, the Baja and the Sea of Cortez. And that’s something that – thus far – massive development hasn’t had an impact on. The local whale watching boats and crews are respectful to these mighty creatures and seem to enjoy the spectacle themselves even though they do it day after day during the season which runs from December to March every year.

You’ll also see Humpback Whales and Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins too. Sperm whales, Blue Whales and even Orcas are also sometimes spotted.

If you’re looking for a truly ecological experience, you can’t beat the Magdalena Whale Sanctuary. Ask about this when booking any tour. And nor do you have to go out on anything like the ‘Pequod’ in your search for Moby Dick. There are plenty of tour craft and they range from Zodiacs up to mega- luxury (read ‘mega-expensive’) boats.

If you’ve not taken the kids on a whale watching trip before, Cabo is a great ‘base’, because it has lovely beaches and plenty to occupy the children plus the joy of getting up close to some of God’s most magnificent critters.