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A romantic visit to Boston


There’s plenty to do in Boston whether you’re in a larger family group, whether it’s just you and the kids, or whether you’re bringing your beloved for a romantic vacation away from home. First, see to find the perfect hotel in Boston to suit your needs and your budget.

Our advice is to locate yourself close to the water, or within the business district – here’s where a lot of the activities and restaurants are. Find an Boston room with a good package attached and you’re on your way!

Everyone loves a little music in their life and Boston has some legendary gin joints just waiting for your custom. Catch a jazz show at Scullers on Soldiers Field Road in Allston and you can’t go wrong almost any night of the week. This place has seen the likes of Wynton Marsalis and Chris Botti and the weekly line up is always top class.

If there’s one thing that guarantees some good romancing, it’s a wonderful meal in a serious restaurant. Boston has plenty of wonderful restaurants and we think you’ll love Kennebunk’s White Barn Inn, in Kennebunk on Beach Avenue. Two old and restored barns are the showpiece attraction here and this is where you can wine and dine your paramour. There are roaring fireplaces, water views and divine food. Need we say more?

The hot tub beckons… but not just any old hot tub. We’re talking tranquillity base at the Inman Oasis, an organisation devoted to your healthy wellbeing and ultimate comfort. It’s a splurge, but go on, you deserve it. It’s in Cambridge close to MIT.


St Patrick’s Day – a Boston special


Since time immemorial (or longer than we recall, anyway,) Boston has been hosting the very best St Patrick’s Day celebrations. Green Guinness, proper Guinness, leprechauns and renditions of ‘Oh Danny Boy’ have long been a feature of the city. And then there’s the St Patrick’s Day parade… If you intending to make this St Patrick’s Day something special, head to Boston, Cheap Rooms has plenty of cheap hotels in Boston and a pint of the good stuff is ready and waiting.

Finding a hotel in Boston is easy, and so are flights to Boston. The March parade starts at West Broadway and moves through east before moving along, Thomas Park, Telegraph St and Dorchester Street ending before Southampton Street. The Parade is a spectacular explosion of sights, sound and color and Cheap Rooms is the way to experience it in full!

The St Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston should be on everyone’s bucket list. If you’re bringing kids, they’ll love everything about except the crowds. Our suggestion is to choose a vantage point and get there early. Best vantage points are along Broadway. There are floats, marching bands and more. Bring plenty of snacks and drinks and, if you’re with young kids, make sure your vantage point is close to facilities. Daytona does not disappoint.

Of course, St Patrick’s Day is big day on the beer calendar and Boston brings out its best for the day. Redbones on Davis Square is open all day and the laid-back barbecue joint also has a nice selection of Trappist ales to wash down all that pulled pork. It’s all about the beer. Boston Beer Works in Fenway has an excellent outdoor area and has some 16 beers on tap. Bukowski, on Inman is welcoming, loud, and teeming with quality brews. Deep Allum in Allston boasts 28 beers on tap and at least 100 bottles to choose from. Staff members are known for their IPA, Hefeweizen, and porter IQs.

Now, you’ll need to walk off that St Patrick’s Day hangover, so a little exercise is in order. Summit to sea takes you from Beacon Hill to the sea about a mile away. You travel through historic parts of Boston and end up at the beautiful, historic harbor.

Before you leave Boston, make sure you climb to the top of the Bunker Hill Monument. Bring your climbing shoes! It’s located at the site of the first major battle of the American Revolution and , as well as history, you get a monument-sized view of Boston. It’s a mere 294 steps to the top, so what’s keeping you?

If you spot a red line in Boston, follow it. You’re on the Boston Freedom Trail If you make it all the way around you’ll have seen 16 historic sites, buildings and monuments, covering two and half centuries of America’s most significant history. If you take the self-guided tour you can linger as long as you like at the sites that interest you most.


If you know your history, you’ll know how much of it resides in Boston


But did you also know that the peninsular was also occupied around 5000BC. Several archaeological sites show that Native Americans occupied the area well before any recent history.

You may not know that Boston is home to America’s first ppublic school (Boston Latin School in 1635) and America’s first subway (1897).

Of course if its US history you want, Boston has some big runs on the board! The Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party were signature events during the American Revolution and Paul Revere made his famous ride here. Boston was home to a huge garment and leather trade, fueled by easy access to a safe harbor, fed by a multiple river system.

But of course, if you’re travelling to Boston, you want to know what else there is to do!

Too easy.
1. Compete or view the Boston Marathon (April 18 this year)
2. The Boston Win Festival (Jan – April 1)
3. St Patrick’s Day Parade (March 13)
4. Boston Freedom Trail (DIY) 2 1/2 mile route with plenty for the history buffs.
5. Fenway Park – home of the Sox!
6. Harvard University – the country’s oldest university and a place of learning since 1636. Guided tours daily except Sunday.
7. Museum of Science – planetarium, the largest lightening machine in the world and more.

That’s enough from us – get out and see it yourself!