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The top 5 things to do in Barcelona


One of the most exciting cities in Spain is Barcelona. It is drop dead gorgeous, sited as it is, on the waterfront facing the Mediterranean and blessed with a warm and lovely climate. (And all those warm, friendly Spaniards!) has hundreds of hotels to choose from and the range of cheap hotels in Barcelona is incredible. Barcelona is a late night city – so leave your cares at home and spoil yourself for your time in the sun!

Chances are you have limited time in Barcelona – you’re likely seeing many other cities too – so what are the five best things to see and do in a Barcelona? Firstly, check out the public transport options in Barcelona. There’s a bus and metro system and both use the Barcelona Card to facilitate travel. It’s a travel and attractions card and is great for the short term visitor. There are really discount hotel deals on Cheap Rooms so start planning what to do in Barcelona now!

The man who created the Sagrada Familia has his very own museum, called the Gaudi House Museum. The museum is run by the Sagrada Familia Foundation and the intention is to preserve Gaudi’s memory and give visitors a glimpse at his life and work. A visit here is your initiation into the mind of one of the world’s great architects and someone whose mark is all over Barcelona.

Which brings us to the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s most famous church. The Cathedral took some 40 years to build and was controversial every step of the way. It’s still unfinished, yet has UNESCO world heritage ranking and is a major drawcard for Barcelona. They’re still building it today, if a little slowly.

Located in the center of the old city of Barcelona, there is a wealth of aesthetically beautiful buildings that date right back to the Medieval Period in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. This is worth a day on its own as you wander the narrow streets and open squares. Look out for the Carrer del Bisbe Irurita – with its filigree stone work bridge and the La Merce basilica – a stolid and severe building that looks very serious. An also ‘must see’ is the City Hall building. Fronting a beautiful square, it’s a great representation of gothic architecture.

Your last ‘must see’ sight in Barcelona is La Rambla in central Barcelona. The tree-lined pedestrian mall that is La Rambla is one of Barcelona’s great claims to fame. Its street performers and shops, cafes and restaurants combine to make it one of the great pleasures of Europe. Some of Barcelona’s most famous buildings line the mall, there’s street art by people such as Joan Miro and the delightfully colorful kiosks that line the route will make your walk a voyage of discovery.

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Barcelona – the real Olympic city!


Long before London got the Olympics, Barcelona wrote the book on how to do it in style. Not the least of which was a little help from Freddie Mercury. Barcelona isn’t one of the grand European capitals – it’s far too out there for that, but Cheap Rooms, can take you there and put you up in cheap hotels in Barcelona that will stun you with their sense of style!

Getting flights to Barcelona is easy – it’s a popular city and you’ll get a direct flight from most European cities as well as plenty of trains from across the continent. Barcelona is foodie heaven and an art lover’s paradise so check Cheap Rooms for the best deals (and don’t forget the lowest price guaranteed).

It’s hard not to fall instantly in love with Barcelona with its Gaudi-inspired architecture grand monuments, bars, amazing restaurants and some of the best city beaches in the world. The locals love the place; they love the energy of the city and the social spaces such as Las Ramblas.

For people-watching purposes you have to walk La Rambla perhaps Europe’s finest boulevard. It’s approximately 1.2 kilometres long with Port Vell (near the cruise port terminal) at the Southern most end and Plaça Catalunya at the northern most end. Attractions along the Ramblas including live performances, human statue art, artists that will draw your portrait or caricature, as well as monuments, markets, museums and cafe after cafe.

Shopping in Barcelona? Well Spain is the home of Zara one of the most successful clothes brands of modern times, so you’re safe in assuming Barcelona has plenty of shopping to tempt you with. One of the best ideas is to climb aboard the Tomb bus (T1) which takes you directly to the main shopping areas. It departs every seven minutes from the Plaça Catalunya. The best shopping areas in central Barcelona are Passeig de Gracia and the streets to its southwest, the Barri Gotic streets such as Carrer de la Portaferrissa, Carrer de la Boqueria, and Carrer de Ferran, and around Placa de Sant Josep Oriol.

The Spanish truly enjoy their food. The secret is to indulge in lots of small nibbles rather than have a huge mound of whatever takes your fancy. Everyone will have their favorite spot but for our money, we recommend Bo de B (Fusteria 14 | Merce 35, 08002 Barcelona) for just sheer great taste, good prices and no pretence. It’s always busy but service is quick and you indulge in their version of tapas while waiting for a sandwich. (Yup, it’s just a simple sandwich joint – but oh so special.)

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Barcelona home of the Olympic games, city of food and culture!


The home of the 1992 Olympics and a rich canvas for the architectural treasures of Gaudi (now UNESCO world heritage sites) and the 15th ‘most liveable city’ in the world, Barcelona is a tourist mecca; a bright harbour city, a night life to rival NYC and a variety of city-based tours to entertain all.
Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate with mild, humid winters and warm, dry summers. Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is an enclave of mediaeval and Roman buildings.
The real treasures of Barcelona, however, are the buildings of Antoni Gaudí, which can be seen throughout the city. His best known work is the immense but still unfinished church of the Sagrada Família, which has been under construction since 1882, and is still financed by private donations. It’s slated for completion in 2026.
Other things to do? Food! Spanish food is exquisite, and because it’s close to the sea, the seafood in Barcelona is fresh and beautiful. Tapas is particularly good around Barceloneta, this was originally a fishing village and there are still many quaint little local places where you can get fresh seafood tapas for good prices.