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The top 5 rides in Anaheim


You’re all keyed up and ready to rock your world in Anaheim? But there’s no time to waste, so what are the best rides you climb aboard? First things first, though, check out now and find a cheap hotel in Anaheim so you and your family can enjoy yourselves all day and all night too.

Of course, choosing great rides means research and discount hotel room in Anaheim soon, though, because the best deals go quickly.

If you’re travelling with kids the Finding Nemo Sub voyage is an ideal first ride – it’s quick, spectacular for the little ones and not bad for you too!

The next ‘must do’ if you’re with children in Disneyland, Anaheim is the Fireworks display which lights up the skies every night. It’s the Fourth of July every night and kids will love the special treat and the huge spectacle.

Do you scare easy? Better stick close to someone you love in the Haunted Mansion at Disney where you climb into your doom buggy and take a spooky journey through an old antebellum mansion. Deep, dark and mysterious – a must for all horror fans.

Fancy a little adventure in your otherwise mundane life? Then take all four peak rides at Disneyland – the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the Space Mountain indoor coaster, the Matterhorn bobsled and the Splash Mountain log flume.

You’ve seen the movie, now ride the ride, the Indiana Jones Adventure at Disney is big, long, fun and simply one of the best rides ever created.

So how do you spend your vacation time?


Spring is in the air – time for Anaheim!


The child in everyone loves Disneyland and Knots Berry Farm – and that’s what you’ll find at Anaheim, Ca…But, as time has marched on, so has Anaheim. It’s now home to a number of fun things to do, including Disneyland. Cheap Rooms has plenty of cheap hotels in Anaheim, and a weekend break in the funniest little city in California is a great treat for the kids and a perfect time of year to do it in.

Getting flights to Los Angeles is easy – plenty of airlines service Los Angeles daily from all over the country. There’s plenty to see and do in Los Angeles and Anaheim and Cheap Rooms makes it cheap, cheerful and practical, so that you can make the most of your vacation!

Disneyland Park is the major Anaheim attraction. Millions of people every year can’t be wrong. The best advice is to stay close to the park so that spend more time enjoying and less time travelling to and fro. The Anaheim Resort Transit bus service will take you from your hotel to the park and it operates all day. We think you should get your tickets in advance rather than queuing on the day – most hotels will sell them. Take a stroller for kids under five – it’s a long day. get there early!! Here are the attractions and things to see.

Downtown Disney is a recent addition to the area and it’s full of shops, mini-malls and boutiques. It’s a good place to rest and recuperate – or maybe mom can slip down there for a little R ‘n’ R on her own! . Downtown is a short monorail ride away from Disneyland. Food is a tad expensive but the quality is good. There are lots of restaurants and shops to choose from and it’s a restful bit of time out for the adults.

Don’t miss the ‘new’ Disneyland at Disney’s California Adventure. This a recent addition to the Disney scene and is just about to finish a billion dollar renewal program. The idea behind Disney California is a themed look at several periods in Californian life and history. It’s got all the big rides across the eight districts – Buena Vista Street, Hollywood Pictures Backlot, Grizzly Peak, Pacific Wharf, “A Bugs Land,” Cars Land, Condor Flats, and Paradise Pier.

Fancy something a little different while you’re out Orange County way? If you’ve ever wanted to fly a combat jet fighter then this visit to Anaheim is your chance. Flightdeck is a flight simulation center with nine fighter jet simulators and a Boeing 737-700 flight simulator. You’re in control and this is as close to flying a real jet as a non-pilot is likely to get. They’re on South Sinclair St in Anaheim.

If you love your ball, get on over to Angel Stadium. Many say it’s one of the best ballparks in the country and following a recent refurb, Angels Baseball has a new lease on life. It’s a classic stadium with a new feel – luxury and history. If you’re lucky enough to be there for a game, see if you get tickets via Stub Hub (cheaper). It’s also a good place to take the kids to an MLB game with lots to entertain them (and goodies to buy).

Car sounds… without the car. Fun!


California is more than just Disneyland…



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…and Rodeo Drive. Wonderful, warm and laid back LA is well worth the extra couple of days that it will take to explore this cosmopolitan town. And some of the best people-watching can be found down at the beach suburbs. Venice is a confection of architecture, beachy-cool and exotic people. Go there any weekend and you’ll find your head bouncing from one sight to another on the boardwalk. They all come out to play in Venice. Buskers and bladers, fortune tellers and knick-knack sellers. Feast your eyes, feed your stomach, soak up the LA beach vibe in Venice and stroll to catch your fill of the local attractions – like the mural of Jim Morrison, the Chiat/Day building and of course the canals. If anything, this is the real LA – a sun-soaked, happy  place full of interesting people unlike almost any other city in the country.