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Explore San Antonio – more than the River Walk


Quite rightly, the River Walk in San Antonio is the premier attraction in this Texas gateway city and you can stay close to it, because has some really amazing deals to get you there, but remember, San Antonio has so much more than the River Walk to soothe your tourist brow!

San Antonio’s restaurant and night life is built around the River Walk so it makes sense to stay close to the River Walk and Cheap Rooms has great choices so it’s very easy. You will love the walk itself and all the myriad things to do along this wonderful urban space.

Other things are close by and of course the Alamo buildings and plaza are right in the middle of downtown. If you’ve not seen the Alamo Mission and the Daughters of the Republic Library, it’s an obvious must see. Immerse yourself in the history of the place, wander the surrounding streets and revel in the dry heat and the emotions it stirs within you.

On to matters food; you’ll taste the world here in San Antonio, you’ll taste the world – from the ubiquitous Tex-Mex to German bakery goodies, upscale eateries and Louisiana style cooking. Take a riverboat north along the Museum Reach and any of the restaurants you find here will satisfy your needs. Try The Fig Tree, Lüke or Boudro’s.

If you’ve brought the kids, you’ll be happy to find that San Antonio has five theme parks close to Downtown (or just a taxi ride away). There’s a Sea World, a Kiddie Park, a Golf ‘n’ Games, and a water Park so you deal with all that summer heat.

If you love your history, San Antonio has a lot of it and the San Fernando Cathedral fulfils its side of the bargain. Built in 1731 this still functioning church is overwhelming on the inside. It’s cool in the summer heat and if you’re there at night, the church is lit up so you can appreciate the grand stone work. There’s a courtyard and a museum shop, so take full advantage.

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Saturday the 28th – is Kiss Your Mate day!


And we say that’s a wonderful day to head off on a short city break you’ve organized for your wonderful partner at the last minute! And the city you should choose is San Antonio! We’ll tell you why this little part of big old Texas is perfect in a moment, but first, rest assured Cheap Rooms has plenty of cheap hotels in San Antonio to choose from. (And to Kiss Your Mate in!)

Finding a hotel in San Antonio is easy, and so are flights to San Antonio. This beautiful city is set on the San Antonio River and the River Walk is one of the state’s top tourist attractions. It’s a delightful walk of around a kilometre and is a never-ending vista of small bars and cafes, restaurant and quirky boutiques. The local council are developing it even further and the route now stretches to the former brewery up river. This area has redeveloped itself into a thriving bar and boutique experience with plenty of places to stop and enjoy the people-watching the River Walk is famous for. But San Antonio doesn’t stop there… it also has Texas’ biggest attraction – and you really should check Cheap Rooms for deals right now to get you there!

One of the special things about the River Walk is its focus on art. Even if you don’t like art generally, the installations and public art on display are quite extraordinary. The San Antonio Museum of Art is a grand building at the end of the walk and is such a beautiful building to gaze upon and explore within. Walk it or explore it from a barge, the River Walk is a local institution that’s well worth cruising. Highlights include the Aztec Theater, the depression-era murals, the public art and the amazing La Mansion Hotel.

Texas’ biggest attraction? No prizes for guessing… The Alamo. It’s right in the middle of downtown so is easy to get to. The original chapel is a scenic monument up there with the best of them. What strikes as you approach is the simple beauty of the Mission. The history of the siege and battle will suck you in, but so will the vicious fight about restoring the monument (well worth a little research in itself!).

Do you have time for a show? Then make sure you check out the event program at the Majestic Theater. The restoration of this grand old theater just has to be seen to be believed. Harking back to a fine time in the annals of live theater, the Majestic is all frills and private boxes, soaring columns and majestic arches – all very Phantom of the Opera! The line up in coming months looks particularly good, so check it out.

Bringing the kids? Then a stop at Morgan’s Wonderland is the key to happy times for all. It was designed and built particularly to assist disabled kids of all ages to take pleasure in a theme park as much as any one else, and the result is wonderful. It’s the first special needs park in the world, but everyone can enjoy it.

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Go west young man as they say…


… but what they really mean is ‘go Southwest everyone,’ …to San Antonio.

This historic town is home to a multitude of things for the casual visitor and the seasoned tourist alike. Visit the site of the Alamo and you’ll see firsthand the birthplace of a legend. A seminal moment in US history, William Travis and Jim Bowie were left in command of the old mission. originally ordered to retreat, Bowie and his defenders fought to the death and the rallying cry of ‘Remember the Alamo’ lives on today.

The Alamo is the most popular tourist destination in San Antone, but the River Walk comes a close second. And for sheer vibrant, noisy, good times it’s hard to beat! The River Walk goes for some 3 kilometers (2 1/2 miles) and is full of sidewalk cafes, shops and restaurants. It’s a lot of fun and summer brings out the best in the place. You’ll even come across the occasional night of flamenco! This is testament to the earliest settlers. Surprisingly, the mighty Spanish empire stretched all the way to Southwest Texas in the early 1700s and Spain had ordered a number of families to emigrate from the Canary Islands in 1731. They arrived and the rest, as they say, is history.

Spanish Mission is the architecture de jour and the beautiful churches and homes are striking. Many historic buildings are still in place and a wander through downtown is not only excellent exercise, but an exercise in just how well different cultures can mould a city in to something special.