Space, the final frontier!


Atlantis may have hung up her shield and NASA quieted the gantries, but space flight still reigns supreme at the Kennedy Space Center.

This special place in Orlando, Florida keeps the dream alive with a bountiful array of exhibitions, programs and interactive exhibits. If you loved the drama of a space shuttle launch, lived for the majestic flare of her wings as she touched down again and listened spellbound to mission broadcasts then a visit here is a must.

This isn’t just a place; it’s a journey into man’s greatest adventure. You’ll meet astronauts, and see the astronaut memorial. The men and women who died making space closer for all of us deserve our respect. You can check out how early space was explored; mostly with computing power less than your smart phone.

There are a raft of interactive displays and exhibits and two IMAX theaters to show the real power of a shuttle launch. There’s nothing on earth like the blast of 3,200,000 pounds of thrust ringing in your ears!

Tour the space center, explore space (yes, you can!), and just soak up the atmosphere. The shuttles may have retired, but interest in the program hasn’t and Orlando still gets plenty of visitors who love the smell of rocket fuel in the morning.

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