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Vacationing in San Diego is a dream come true for all first time visitors to this sun city, and the adventures are virtually endless. If you have planned your vacation well, you will enjoy the local beaches, Seaport Village, Coronado Island and downtown San Diego and its Gaslamp Quarter. This can easily take up your first few days, but please keep in mind, there’s a lot more to see and do within an hour or two by car that you should take advantage of.

The LaJolla and Carlsbad area are just up the coast about a half an hour and offer families the adventure of LEGOLAND in Carlsbad. Spend a few hours there, letting the kids enjoy rides, run around and build things, and then you can get to explore somewhere nearby. Strolling the streets of Del Mar, the quaint little beach town is fun, maybe lunch and a pub brew or two.

LaJolla has some of the best beaches on the California coast, especially for younger children. There’s the LaJolla Cove, where the protected area is home to many reefs, and underwater life. If you didn’t bring your own snorkels and fins, rent some for some fun and adventure. If you really want to give your youngsters, or yourself an experience, this is a great place for a surfing lesson.

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If you want to experience what locals do when they want to get out of town, its an awesome hour drive up in the mountains to the little town of Julian. This historic town that bloomed during the gold rush days is educational and fun for the entire family. There are tours of the town as well as some of its famous mines, and one of my all-time favorite things to do is take one of the old carriage ride guided tours.

A very important fact to remember is Julian is also known for apples, and especially, apple pie!

Another exciting adventure you can experience with the family is head south of the border. Take the drive over the border in Tijuana, and down to the beachfront town of Rosarito Beach, about an hour drive. This has over the years become a playground for locals in San Diego, offering cheap cold beer, and excellent waterfront activities. From windsurfing, paddle boarding, diving and snorkeling, to just hanging on the beach. Keep in mind that more than humans frequent the beach, but they also offer horse rides on the beach as well; great for adventure, but be careful where you place your towels.

Another excellent day trip is one out to the town of Temecula, which is about an hour away. For the adults, this area has grown in popularity with the many wineries opened over the past few years. The main town itself offers some interesting little shops within walking distance, including a kid’s favorite, the Old Town Root beer Company.  This is a once in a lifetime experience, with over a hundred kinds of root beer available, and hundreds of other bottled pop.

On Front Street you will find Pennypickle’s Workshop, a really weird but interesting children’s museum, filled with gadgets and stuff kids love.

And then there’s the Old Town Sweet Shop, guaranteed to make your dentist happy, where homemade fudge and old style candy prevail.

If you want a family adventure in the skies, Temecula is the place, offering hot air balloon tours of the valley. Family photos could be quite exciting, and what a way to make friends back home envious.

Of course, if you plan ahead, and leave early in the morning to beat the traffic, you can make it to Anaheim/Disneyland in about two hours driving time, maybe.

It’s your choice if the kids are screaming Disney, but I do believe, L.A. is a vacation all into itself.

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