Rome – we all need a holiday


What is there to say about Rome that hasn’t been said a hundred times? It is that most glorious of cities; where old means thriving new, where passionate people gather to play and where you’ll never, ever run out of things to see or do.

Take your time in Rome. The sights are mostly centrally located so you can easily pick a geographic area and focus on that for the day.

Perhaps start at the Coliseum end of town. take in this extraordinary place and let your imagination take you back to days of real mortal combat, wild animals, Christians, and Chariot Races. Bread and circuses certainly worked for a while.

A visit to the Vatican is a must – take in the view of St Peter’s Basilica from St Peter’s Square, wander through the most impressive church you’ll ever see and then spend the afternoon in the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo’s masterpiece took some four years. Twenty-eight years later he was invited back to paint the far wall. It is, of course, utterly glorious and worth the queues and the hassle to get in. (You’re up against four million visitors every year!)

The Trevi fountain is okay – you have to do it to say you’ve been there! But the Pantheon is another ‘must see’. This glorious temple looks rather simple from afar and is exquisite up close. Climb the stairs, turn and take in the view – you’ll never be the same afterwards.

The Spanish Steps are worth the photo opportunity, but your real highlight will be Villa Borghese. set in magnificent grounds the villa itself is home to one of Italy’s, and the world’s, great art collections. Name a master and you’ll find him here.

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