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There are two certainties about San Diego, it enjoys almost perfect weather and beaches, and it’s a perfect destination for a romantic getaway. From its fantastic oceanfront communities with super restaurants, to quiet secluded beach access, if you can’t get your mates heart pounding here, they left it home. With no shortages in romantic ideas here, lets check out some of the most popular.

Forget the vehicle and board the water taxi at the boardwalk out across the San Diego Harbor to Coronado Island for the day. Coronado has long been the playground for the rich and famous, mainly because it’s the home of the Hotel Del Coronado. This iconic red roofed hotel was the location of the film classic, Some Like It Hot, with its famous love scenes. Today, just strolling about the halls, visiting the museum, you can feel the awe of this still popular destination. Not only is the cozy lounge a nice place to check out, especially during happy hour, with live music, but the outdoor patio is a great place too. You can sit together, enjoy a glass of vino, and watch the boats cruise by, when not gazing in each other’s eyes.

San Diego dawn in early morning with palm tree silhouette.

San Diego dawn in early morning with palm tree silhouette.



There are also some smaller and private areas of sandy beach to spread a blanket or towels and sneak a kiss or two. Keep an eye on the bay between the island and San Diego, for the Navy Seal boats doing exercises. I have often seen the “frogman” jumping off the sides of pontoon boats for their long swim to shore.

Another quiet beach to check out, especially late afternoon or early evening for a sunset blanket party with champagne and flutes is LaJolla Cove. There’s a reason why this is the beach most photographed in Southern California. Spectacular sunsets and a perfect location for some private beach time should give you thoughts of love.

Any time of day is a good time to hold hands and stroll about San Diego’s Seaport Village and waterfront.  Fall in love with the quiet park like surroundings, or maybe rent bikes and peddle the long boardwalk together.

Don’t let anyone tell you there is no romance in this town, because its right in step with some of the most romantic places in the world. Venice, Italy and Las Vegas Venetian Hotel both have opportunity for romance on gondolas. Well, hold the phone, and call the Gondola Company of San Diego and surprise your honey with a ride. Your relaxing voyage through the Coronado Canals can be enhanced with a bottle of fine wine and two glasses, and the company provides ice buckets as well.

For a romantic dinner with a view of the city, we can suggest reserving a table by the window at Mister A’s. on the 12th floor. There’s actually a complete railed outdoor walk around deck, for before or after dinner selfie if that’s your thing.

Depending on your age, we either have a brand new experience for you to do, or a trip down memory lane. Back in the 50’s and 60’s the place to take your date for a romantic evening was the Drive-in Movies, and every town had one. Today they are few and far between, for obvious reasons. But San Diego has its very own South Bay Drive-in-theaters, and all you need for a romantic evening at the movies is a vehicle.

They are open selling admission for $9 per adult, and hot buttered popcorn in the restaurant, just like the old days.

If you do have that rental car, somewhere you have to go for a day trip is the quaint town of Julian up in the Cuyamaca Mountains. It’s a fantastic 1.5 hour drive, very scenic, and you arrive back in time. The town originated during the 1870’s gold rush days, and many original stores and building are still operating today. There are two things that reek romance in Julian, a big slice of Julian apple pie and two forks, and a ride through town in a horse and buggy.


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