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New York - night view of times square

  • New York - night view of times square
  • New York
  • New York City - Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty

For someone who actually lived in the Big Apple, I actually have a different take on what should bring you to New York City. One would expect I would start right off with visiting the Statue of Liberty, Empire State building and Bronx Zoo, but those are taken for granted. I on the other hand, have places and things to see and do not normally given as a “first time” visitor tour. Let’s check some out.

First off for native New Yorkers, the one thing they miss the most when they move away, if New York Pizza! Although you can have extensive arguments about where to get the best “pie” in the Apple, I say there’s no comparison to Roberta’s Pizza located in the neighborhood of Bushwick in Brooklyn. Experience it once, and you will plan a visit in the future just for their pizza. This is extreme pizza, with all greens produced on a rooftop garden in “Brooklyn air”, so why wouldn’t you expect supreme taste? Wash that slice down with excellent craft beer, strike up a conversation with that tattooed young lady, and enjoy the cities finest.

“Hot Tip”: Get the “Speckenwolf Pie”.

New York City - Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty New York

Vector illustration of a night view of times square in New York (all ads are imaginary)Ever since the days of the mobsters, way back in the 20’s, Coney Island has been a playground for New Yorkers, as well as visitors, especially in the summertime. Visitors came for miles to hand on the beach and boardwalk, munch on a “Coney Island Dog”, and ride the wooden roller coaster, The Cyclone. Today, just like you did in the 1920’s, you can ride that old wooden and very rickety rollercoaster, for the same thrills. Surviving the test of time, and now in the National Register of Historic Places, you owe yourself a ride.

Next let’s talk Times Square and why you should spend some time there. Whether you are visiting at the end of the year for New Years Eve in Times Square, or during the heat of the summer, it’s an exciting icon of New York, without a doubt. The fact is, locals who don’t work there avoid it like a disease, but are the first to tell you how warm and spectacular it is at night. Visiting NYC just for the Theatre District and a show or three is well worth a visit. But don’t stop there, get there early for that show and enjoy the marvels of the Square, when light up billboards advertising shows, perfumes and so much more lite the night. For the ladies, Times Square offers not only fine restaurants and shows, but also the stores are open for shopping until 2: AM., and bars are open until 4 AM, thus, “the city that never sleeps”.

“Interesting fact”: Times Square wasn’t always so “glamorous”, in fact it was pretty run down and enjoyed being NY Citied “Red Light Area” up until end of 1980’s.

Lastly, in 1874 a gentleman by the name of Dr. Ian Marshall created something that would put New York in many books, history s well as make it an icon of this great city. Dr. Marshall created the “Manhattan”. This icon of a cocktail, produced with Rye Whiskey was actually invented just for the famous club in town, The Manhattan Club, for a party in honor of visiting Winston Churchill’s Mom.

Just think of the exposure on Social Media, when you post a photo of you sippin the iconic “Manhattan Cocktail”, in Manhattan New York.


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