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Vacationing in fall anywhere in California has major advantages. First of all, kids are back in school which means no more screaming on the flight to L.A.. Major attractions in the area are less crowded, no lines, restaurants are more accessible and your vacation should be less stressful. As far as the weather there really isn’t much change, except that it seems to get warmer and dryer. Forget about changing leaves because palm trees don’t drop all their gear either. One thing for sure, fashion changes do occur as you will see.

One thing that’s sure to tweak your interest is that California celebrates Oktoberfest big time! It’s not Munich but what the heck, it’s cheaper than a trip to Munich isn’t it?  It’s also an excellent source of cheap entertainment, and food.

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The Biergarten in Koreatown is just the place for you to experience the Munich experience, Korean style. Choose a stein of Spaten Optimator or a western Racer 5, or one of many options. To go along with it, you can have that platter of brats, but it comes with Kimchi shot ribs or Korean fried chicken. If you want to do your standard burger with that beer, go American or indulge in again, Korean style with red chili’s and chosun sauce.  Prices are right for your budget, and you can even catch a game on the large screen TV’s.

Another excellent place is near Fox Studios called the Steingarten LA. Their craft-style beers are served in the large “communal hall” similar to those in Munich. You can sip and dine inside or outside on the deck, and you certainly need to check out their sausages, offered in “country, game or vegan”. If you check ahead, you might be able to catch one of their special brew pairing events.

If you want to experience authentic German specialties, the Wirtshaus located in Mid-city offers traditional fare. Their sausages and schnitzel are excellent and with over 35 fresh brews on tap, including German beers, “clinking glasses” and singing might prevail. Even if you just want t beer and a snack, their hot fresh pretzels are the bomb! Sit inside or outside where Fido is welcome, and enjoy the day.

Now, if you are in L.A. between October 21-23rd, 2016 you are in absolute total luck! That’s because the “authentic” Los Angeles Oktoberfest is happening then. You can purchase tickets ahead of time or at the gate for either three or four hour passes. You ticket includes a large glass “beer garden” stein, and unlimited refills!

Hot tip: Designated driver or Taxi back to hotel.

There’s singing and dancing, along with traditional German foods. And the best part, at least for the guys, the traditional dressed “beer maids”.

The most popular event where you just never know what celebrity you might clink glass with is the LA Beerfest on Saturday September 26 at the LA Center Studios from noon to 4 PM. This four-hour beer event is well worth the $40 bucks, just for the 200 plus taps available, and the party crowd. There’s live music and some of L.A.’s best food trucks for something to go with those awesome brews.


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