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Orlando day trips

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Planning a summer or fall vacation in Orlando, especially with a bunch of “little feet”, at Disney World can be quite exciting. Your trip there will be full of expectations of a fun vacation with the family. However, after a few days of lines, heat and crowds everywhere you go, you may want to take a “vacation from your vacation”.

If you have your vehicle or rented one at the airport, you’re ready for a little ‘side trip”. If you don’t have transportation, it might just be worth taking an adventure tour out of town with one of the local excursions for a day.

Both little kids as well as adult kids will enjoy taking a ride to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where they get to experience up close and personal, the Launch Complex 39 rocket site, the Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit, and the opportunity to actually meet a real astronaut at the Astronaut Encounter. Add to that both of the IMAX Theaters offering Space Station 3D or Walking on the Moon, and we are talking one exciting day-trip.

Another exciting day trip that will put memories into your children’s minds for life, is a day spent at Florida’s Everglades Park. Some of my most exciting adventures in Southern Florida included a boat trip through the tropical Everglades National Park. The airboat ride and tour is well worth the trip and the money, just to experience the alligators in their natural environment. Not many people realize that the Everglades are one of the few places on earth where alligators and crocodiles live side-by-side. You will also get a peak at hundreds of birds including eagles soaring above you as you glide through the murky waters. This is one adventure that you definitely need your camera. And while you are searching the waters for those red glowing alligator eyes, keep a lookout above in the trees for Burmese pythons too.

Something that just isn’t possible many places on this earth is an up close and personal experience with manatees. Florida offers some of the best experiences with these gentle giants on the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, where you can snorkel and swim with them in their natural habitat. You can actually take a airboat tour where you can safely view the manatees from the boat, and or choose to jump in with them and get “hands-on” experience.

Tip: If you have your own lightweight wet suitOrlando SeaWorld rsz_orlando1 bring it.

If relaxing on pristine and usually with non-crowded beaches is in your sights, you might want to get an early start to the 1.5-hour drive to New Smyrna Beach. While you and your spouse lounge on the blanket under an umbrella, you can watch the kids splash away or build sandcastles. More fun can be found in town on the inter-coastal waters, where you might choose to get paddle-board lessons in the calm waters.

Then there’s a daytrip to one of every boys and mans dreams in Central Florida, Daytona Beach, home of the NASCAR Daytona 500. Many would believe that this car town is all about racecars, in fact, it’s home to one of the largest biker events, “Bike Week” for 10 hot days every year. Think of the thrill your kids will have as you pull off the road directly on the beach sand, and drive to a good spot for your blanket and umbrella.

For the driving experience, head to the International Speedway, drive a race car, check out the fine ladies in a bikini contest, or maybe catch your favorite band.

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