Plan today for that vacation in Sin City, and save big bucks.


If you are planning an upcoming visit to Las Vegas, you have probably experienced or heard how money flows from your pocket in waterfalls. However, with careful planning and tips from the experts, you can save on things that will spread those funds towards more fun times.

Right off the bat we can tell you that flying into Vegas and out at end of stay on weekends will cost you more in airfare. Try taking your vacation and book flights mid-week for additional savings. Additionally, when the mercury level hits HOT, like July and August, there are less people flying in and airline will drop rates.  Also, if you can make your reservations a few month prior to vacation instead of the week before you should get much better prices on airfare.

Welcome to fabulous Las vegas Nevada sign with blur strip road background

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas Nevada sign

Try to avoid vacationing in Vegas during prime holiday times, for obvious reasons, higher hotel rates and crowds. As far as choosing your hotel location, that actually is important and can save you a lot of spending money. One location off the strip I suggest visiting when staying on the Vegas Strip, is the Downtown Freemont Street Experience. It has gotten much more attention with visitors, and in fact is a great escape from the Vegas Strip. You can party in the streets, listen to mega music, enjoy light shows, and zip-line over the crowds from far above. Another thing you can do is stay in a hotel on Freemont Street and save big bucks! And for transportation back and forth from the strip, the Vegas bus line runs back and forth every half hour.

Important tip: Not many visitors know this or use this, but ask at the front desk when checking in for a free room upgrade. Just tell them its your anniversary, important birthday or other special reason you are here, and you may be surprised, for free.

Also, make sure you check to see if you qualify for discounts, like AAA, Veteran or active Military and Senior Citizen. Another great “trick” is when at a restaurant and or bar, tell your server that it’s a special occasion, like birthday, wedding or even celebrating your divorce (yes really), and often your drinks will be on the house.

If you take our suggestion and book your hotel months in advance, don’t just forget about it, but check every now and then on current rates. You would be surprised how many people don’t do that and miss re-adjusting to a lower rate during special offers.

If you don’t already know, you will soon after arrival, that you can drink anywhere on the streets of Las Vegas, much like New Orleans. In the casinos, as long as you are gambling and can wait a while between drinks, your drinks are “free”. Keep in mind that those “free drinks” are made with cheap alcohol.

If you are heading out from your hotel to hit the streets and clubs, you can always have picked up a bottle of booze and mixers jb a local store, along with a large cup. That way, you can make your own cocktail in your “to go cup”, which nobody will question you about.

If you are staying at a bigger resort in Vegas, try making friends with key employee’s, like Matre d’ or waitresses who might be able to get you free nightclub passes. Be sure if there’s a show in your resort to check to see if there is a special entry line for hotel guests.

As far as saving money on meals, we have an excellent money saving idea for you, and its all about Vegas Buffet’s. The best resorts still have awesome deals on yummy buffet meals. The trick is to go to the buffet at the end of breakfast hours, and you will find they start early to put out the lunch buffet. There’s a big difference in price between breakfast and lunch. Surprise! It’s the same at end of lunch, just before dinner, so eat big and still save money.





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