Your best tips for vacationing in Kissimmee



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Kissimmee, Florida can be an excellent “budget friendly” choice for many, especially vacationing families with small children. Although it is easier to visit Disney when staying inside the park, it’s a budget buster for sure. Keep in mind, Kissimmee is  the closest area to Magic Kingdom and other main attractions, has budget friendly hotels and definitely kid-friendly.

Planning your vacation in the Kissimmee area is something that can be accomplished all year long, because it’s truly a year-long vacation destination. Spring Break, Holidays and summer months are without question, the obvious busy months. These are for obvious reasons crowded, and prices for just about everything higher. Therefore, planning your vacation off-season can get better hotel rates, discounts at area attractions, and even better prices in restaurants.

Heat tip: Plan your days according to summer temps, by visiting indoors attractions in afternoon heat, think air-conditioning.

When doing your research for a hotel resort in Kissimmee, your best be is to find one that offers a free airport transport so you don’t need that added expense of car rental, insurance, gas and parking fee’s. However, if you plan to take any day trips outside the area, you may choose to rent at the airport, or wait until needed and rent one from your resort.



Choose Fort Lauderdale for a quiet “Gold Coast” Vacation this year


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Vacationing in Fort Lauderdale isn’t full of excitement like Orlando and Miami Beach, but that’s the point exactly/ Located right in the middle between Palm Beach to the North and Miami to the South, it’s an entire different animal. Known as being one of todays busiest cruise ports in the U.S., it has become a mecca fro travelers. It is also know as a cruise capitol, with more than 40,000 registered yachts.

In all probability you aren’t a yacht owner, and will in fact be looking for ways to keep on your vacation budget, and still have fun on vacation.

One of the first things you need to know is that depending on when you vacation in Fort Lauderdale can save you a bundle of cash. During busy tourist seasons, prices on many things, including hotels can double in price. Off-season travel especially by airlines, usually offer discounted tickets to fill seats. Even theme parks reduce their entrance fees during the off-season, so plan accordingly.  Keep in mind; the high season is between mid-December and April.



Tired of winter, let’s hit the pools of “Sin City”, Las Vegas


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No matter where you live in North America, or many places worldwide, winter months can get old fast.  And along those thoughts, there are many destinations like Florida and California that can look pretty attractive. But, none can beat the all year long weather and swimming pools of Las Vegas. Lets check out some of the resort hotels featuring the latest and greatest pools and parties to get you out of that slump.

Lets face it, although every resort hotel in Las Vegas offers a swimming pool, but you didn’t just come for a dip and a tan, did you. The fact is, Las Vegas is a party and happening place, 24 hours a day, and there are pools and then there are “party pools”, and we have some of the best line ups for your vacation. But, “dipper beware”, as a tourist attraction, Vegas doesn’t come cheap, and neither is hanging at their pools.