No need to spend all your money in Laughlin, NV, Free things to do.



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Most visitors head to Laughlin instead of Las Vegas, because it’s not a complicated and busy. Yes there’s casino’s and that’s a very big draw, but there’s other things to do there in it’s awesome weather, like boating, fishing and frees stuff.

Spend some time at Don Laughlin’s Riverfront Resort where there are over seventy antique and rare vintage automobiles on display. And of course, being a gambling town, as one would expect, there are a bunch of old antique and very interesting slot machines and poker tables too. You can find this display in the South Tower on the 3rd floor, and browse to your heart’s content, for free.

For both young and old visitors, who can pass up the chance to ride on a turn of the century steam train? If you visit the Tropicana Express on S. Casino Drive, you can jump on the “Genoa” and take a ride through the 27-acre casino property on any Saturday through Wednesday, for free.

Another “free” activity is to enjoy something that’s available in most casinos, including those in Laughlin, but rarely appreciated. Why not relax and spend some time in one of the casino lounges, where the casino offers live performances, and in some cases no cover charge. Although there may be a required 2-drink charge, what’s a couple of beers going to coat you, for am hour or two of free entertainment? In particular, the Colorado Belle has a long standing Dixie River Band playing every Thursday through Saturday evening.

There’s also the Caboose Lounge located in the Tropicana that offers you free live entertainment.

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Take a hint from Orlando, Florida locals and eat cheap but great food!


Pizza in Orlando

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OrlandoToday find eating out pricey, even a trip to McDonalds can add up to a pretty penny, Many vacationers as well as business people are finding better food for less bucks at places like food trucks and Ma & Pa establishments, and why shouldn’t you?

Lets start with the Bubbalou’s Bodacious Bar-B-Cue located on Conroy Rd. in Orlando, one of the local’s favorites for cheap and great food. Nothing fancy here, but the grub is awesome, and messy so wear appropriate outfits. Order up some ribs or chicken and head out to the picnic tables for your fest. If you’re over 21, grab a beer or two out of that big wooden tub to wash those world-class ribs down. Just realize that your dining at one of the top “Best Cheap Eats” listed in Zagat’s Restaurant survey. And the best part of the deal, it’s only going to cost you in the neighborhood of $10 a meal.



Visiting NYC? Visit some of the best museums, for free!



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New York City is a virtual haven for the arts, and what better way to experience art, especially while on a budget, then for free. That being said, many of these “free” experiences cannot be possible without donations from the public. Therefore, as you pass that box in the hallway that has a sign reading “donations please”, think about it before you pass by, and donate what you can.

Located on West 57th Street is the Carnegie Hall / Rose Museum, opened in 1991 on the first floor of Carnegie Hall. Here you will find memorabilia from over a century of the historical music that has echoed through these halls. There are greater than 300 items here on display from concerts, lectures and lectures that have happened here in this famous hall. Marlon Brando, Leonard Bernstein, to Bennie Goodman’s clarinet and an autographed program from the 1964 Beatles concert. You will find a piece of history on display for all ages, and quite an education for the youngsters too.