Planning for that exciting Los Angeles Vacation


Downtown Los Angeles

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With excitement building for your upcoming Los Angeles vacation, planning your time there will be key to a successful and fun vacation. Keep in mind that Los Angeles is in fact, one big fantasy experience! This is the land of Hollywood, designer beach bodies, boob jobs and Mickey and Minne Mouse. Keep in mind that L.A. proper is located in over 450 square miles, packed with people, and you the visitor are the minority.

That being said, before you even arrive you should already have your itinerary planned, for the most part. Of course, have flexibility, because you will probably meet someone there who gives you advise or perhaps something to see and do you never thought of.

There are excellent locations that you can visit multiple popular locations all in one day. Take for instance the famous Hollywood Sign located high on the mountain overlooking L.A. You can easily take a drive first thing in the morning, head down to Hollywood proper to walk stroll the “Walk Of Fame”, then shop o Rodeo Drive. Now keep in mind that you probably just want to “window shop” and people watch on the streets of this famous shopping destination. Prices are quite high for you and the celebrity shoppers, but there are moderate prices shops as well as restaurants for lunch. Deciding to “dine with the stars”, you can easily find a sushi lunch in the neighborhood for a few hundred dollars.

Events in SanDiego 01Another multi experience day can be spent on the shoreline, by taking a drive early in the morning down to Venice Beach. Stroll the shops along the boardwalk and find a super café for coffee and a bagel. When the street entertainers show up, walk about with your camera and get some great photos of them, and maybe a body builder at “Muscle Beach”. Its an easy drive up to the Santa Monica Pier for a swim in the waters off the beach, a ride on the famous Ferris wheel, seafood lunch and maybe a handful of cotton candy while hitting the rides.

For the outdoor extremist, a great alternative would be to rent a beach cruiser and biking the 22-mile concrete bike path from Santa Monica to Redondo Beach in Torrance County. It’s a beautiful bike trip, all along the Pacific Ocean, with plenty of stops along the way.



Is Laughlin, Nevada in you vacation sights for 2017



  • Laughlin

Laughlin is one of those destinations you can choose to stop over on your way out to Las Vegas, or a destination in itself. This popular vacation destination is bordered by the mighty Colorado River and offers water sports, desert activities and of course gambling in its eleven casinos.

If vacationing in Laughlin, you have the opportunity to check out Lake Mohave, which is a result of the Davis Dam above Laughlin. This is a very popular destination, especially during the hot summer weather, for boating and swimming in its cooler waters. You can easily make a day of it, just for the beaches, and of course restaurants. The Colorado River offers some excellent swimming and tubing, along with fishing, boating and even water skiing.

A fun “on the water” activity is taking a river or dinner cruise on one of the paddle wheel boats or yachts that will pick you up at your hotel.  This is one of the best opportunities for a photo with the famous London Bridge in the background.



Yes you can vacation in the “Big Apple” and stay on budget!



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  • Yellow cabs in New York

Many people look at New York City as a very expensive destination for a vacation, for good reason. The fact is you want to stay in a suite in Trump Tower; it can eat up most annual salaries. But you don’t have to stay in the Ritz, eat at a table next to a Congressman and his family, or rent a limo driver for the week.

One of the most expensive “budget busters” for most vacationers to NYC, is renting a car at the airport. Why do they do that one might ask? It’s a mindset, a bad one, because one thing the Big Apple does well is transportation for its inhabitants. From inflated rental car prices, cost of rental insurance, to parking, gas and you better believe, parking tickets it’s a bad idea. Plus you won’t find hotels in the city that don’t charge massive fees to park in parking lots.

Instead, take a cab, shuttle, and if you get the best deal on your hotel, a “free” hotel shuttle rides to and from that hotel.

Tip: NYC is expensive to live in, so keep that in mind when tipping that cab or shuttle driver, who doesn’t make enough to live on driving, and needs those tips.

The subway system is your friend; so don’t be afraid to use it. With both hard copy maps of the train routes, as well as on-line and downloadable, you won’t get lost. And, for those traveling with youngsters, it’s not only cheaper but also a great experience for them.