Plan your break from the Orlando Disney Crowds with these “Day Trips”


Orlando day trips

  • Orlando day trips
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Planning a summer or fall vacation in Orlando, especially with a bunch of “little feet”, at Disney World can be quite exciting. Your trip there will be full of expectations of a fun vacation with the family. However, after a few days of lines, heat and crowds everywhere you go, you may want to take a “vacation from your vacation”.

If you have your vehicle or rented one at the airport, you’re ready for a little ‘side trip”. If you don’t have transportation, it might just be worth taking an adventure tour out of town with one of the local excursions for a day.

Both little kids as well as adult kids will enjoy taking a ride to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where they get to experience up close and personal, the Launch Complex 39 rocket site, the Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit, and the opportunity to actually meet a real astronaut at the Astronaut Encounter. Add to that both of the IMAX Theaters offering Space Station 3D or Walking on the Moon, and we are talking one exciting day-trip.



Have an awesome Denver, Colorado vacation without breaking the bank



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  • Denver Skyline at Night, Colorado

Visiting the Mile High City of Denver is a totally fantastic idea for your 1st or 100th vacation. There’s always something exciting going on in the vibrant city and mountains, and plenty of things to see and do with your funds. As with many vacation destinations, its very easy to quickly open your wallet or credit card balance and realize it’s gone. Thus the reason to plan ahead and make adjustments and better plans to keep on budget and still have a great time.

One of the 1st “money hogs” we want to clue you in on is your personal vehicle. You know, the one you plan to put all your stuff and family in and drive to Denver? Whether you live in a neighboring state, or many states away, if you are planning on staying within Denver proper, leave it home and fly. Denver has developed an excellent public transportation system, and in fact is one of the countries top 10 in public transportation. The money you save on gas, parking and possible repairs and fines is well worth finding that low bargain flight.

Denver Skyline at Night, Colorado rsz_de1 rsz_de3



Reasons why you should visit New York City – local expert’s tips!


New York - night view of times square

  • New York - night view of times square
  • New York
  • New York City - Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty

For someone who actually lived in the Big Apple, I actually have a different take on what should bring you to New York City. One would expect I would start right off with visiting the Statue of Liberty, Empire State building and Bronx Zoo, but those are taken for granted. I on the other hand, have places and things to see and do not normally given as a “first time” visitor tour. Let’s check some out.

First off for native New Yorkers, the one thing they miss the most when they move away, if New York Pizza! Although you can have extensive arguments about where to get the best “pie” in the Apple, I say there’s no comparison to Roberta’s Pizza located in the neighborhood of Bushwick in Brooklyn. Experience it once, and you will plan a visit in the future just for their pizza. This is extreme pizza, with all greens produced on a rooftop garden in “Brooklyn air”, so why wouldn’t you expect supreme taste? Wash that slice down with excellent craft beer, strike up a conversation with that tattooed young lady, and enjoy the cities finest.

“Hot Tip”: Get the “Speckenwolf Pie”.