They call it The Entertainment Capital of the World…


Welcome to Las Vegas

  • Welcome to Las Vegas

…but what else can you do in and around Vegas that makes it the great vacation spot that it is? Sure, have a spin on the tables, but you might also like to check out the Stratosphere Tower. Why? Because it’s the largest free-standing observation tower in the U.S.A.  Stunning doesn’t quite tell the tale! You’ll see the full spectacle of Las Vegas laid out before you, which is a handy memory as you hurtle down the roller coaster they’ve got up there as well. Yup. A rollercoaster, plus a bungee jump and a ride they call Insanity… We’ll let you discover that one for yourself. If you’ve a mind for something a little more outdoorsy, you could try the lowest point on the continental U.S.A. – Death Valley National Park. It’s around 130 miles away and is home to Zabriskie Point, 20 Mule Team Canyon and Scotty’s Castle. After the glitz and glamour of Vegas, the contrasting vast openness of the desert is something that will live with you forever.


Aah, la dolce vita…


… and the romance that is Rome. Backdrop for a thousand movies including Gidget and a city for lovers, sightseers and kids on college vacation. Think of the most famous landmark in Rome and you will likely come up with The Coliseum or the Trevi Fountain. But another landmark is garnering attention, and not just for the beauty of its little arched doorway and its intricate entrance columns… it’s all to do with the taste of it’s superb Pistachio gelato!

At San Crispino’s Gelateria you won’t find a bunch of fancy concoctions, just good old-fashioned gelato as it’s meant to be. Unadorned, full of flavor and yummy goodness. And because it’s gelato it’s good for the thighs…right? Check it out, San Crispino’s is just around the corner from the Trevi Fountain and is well worth the time. Just think, you can wander the rest of the area, cup in hand feasting your eyes and your taste buds!


California is more than just Disneyland…



  • Anaheim

…and Rodeo Drive. Wonderful, warm and laid back LA is well worth the extra couple of days that it will take to explore this cosmopolitan town. And some of the best people-watching can be found down at the beach suburbs. Venice is a confection of architecture, beachy-cool and exotic people. Go there any weekend and you’ll find your head bouncing from one sight to another on the boardwalk. They all come out to play in Venice. Buskers and bladers, fortune tellers and knick-knack sellers. Feast your eyes, feed your stomach, soak up the LA beach vibe in Venice and stroll to catch your fill of the local attractions – like the mural of Jim Morrison, the Chiat/Day building and of course the canals. If anything, this is the real LA – a sun-soaked, happy  place full of interesting people unlike almost any other city in the country.