Thanksgiving soon and maybe that means the family coming over to yours… if you’re in need of a break at just the thought of it, take a mental one with a little trip to the Big Easy, laugh at road signs on the way and stop for a little intellectual touring in San Francisco.

Of course there’s the running of the bulls Pamplona style…

… and the running of the bulls Big Easy style. And we know which one we prefer!

The Big Easy Roller Girls do it in style every July with their homage to the famous Encierro (bull run) in Pamplona. The gals do their stuff in chasing the spectators and a pretty good day is had by all.

Architects, lawyers, students, bankers, artists and moms by day, the Big Easy Rollergirls go big with enthusiasm and a competitive nature. From 21 to over 50, it’s a chance to get fit, stay fit and maybe slam a little – all in the name of good, clean fun. Their home base is University of New Orleans and the driving force is a belief that women can do anything – whilst supporting various caritable organizations.

No bulls were harmed in the making of this blog.


Who doesn’t love a good road sign on your travels…


Especially when they make no sense whatsoever, tell you nothing and send off the road. Road signs for the average traveller are one of life’s necessities – like milk with your cereal, butter for your toast and a recharger for your ipod. But how often have you stood on a corner in a strange city and wondered what on earth that means, which direction you’re actually meant to go in and why on earth would someone call it that (insert favourite place name). I mean, does no one read these things? Thankfully there are enough people with cameras out there to bring us life’s signage non-sequiturs, oddities and just plain funny. Enjoy!

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Short stuff about Sydney


Have you wondered what the suburbs of Sydney, Australia looked like? No, nor have we but this is kind a cool!

So you’ve done the travel, you’ve filled the memory card, whatcha gonna do next? Create a book of course! Don’t let all the happy snaps sit on your camera, download some software and create an album full of memories. Check these guys out:  View link

If you love travel, you probably love photography… have you got a favorite pic of yourself from long ago? Then do it all again and love the result!