Short stuff


I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time…

How hard can it be? Learn to play an instrument, get in to the high school band and cut a few moves on the field. Unless, you go to this high school:

Strolling along, minding your own business…

Be careful out there in the mountains this winter – avalanches are a very real danger. Unless, you’re in a city like Edinburgh, where they’re an even bigger danger!

Having a camera does not for a photographer make. Awesome talent is still the key…

Whether it’s the look on a face, the colors at a certain angle or the framing of the perfect shot; photography is still an art form perfected by just a few. We might all have sophistication unheard of just a few years ago in the palm of our hand but, as these shots prove, you still need an artist’s eye to create a truly memorable image.


Rather the crinkle of sand between your toes than packed powder under your skis?


Then give Acapulco a shot. Acapulco? How old hat is that? Yup, certainly discovered and covered in the mid-20th century, but Acapulco still has a lot to offer – particularly for the bargain hunter. The beaches are still the same – beautiful – and the weather is as good as it always was – tropical warm. The facilities have matured and you’ll find everything you need here. The food is great, the locals well-versed in making sure you have a great time. In short; Acapulco is the perfect destination, just not as popular as it once was. Which works in your favour; because it’s no longer the ‘in spot’, the accommodation is way better value than many resorts and just as comfortable. Walk the streets, soak up the local culture by night, laze on the beach or around the pool by day. Acapulco? Perfect!


No wonder people become addicted…


Clean, crisp air. Vistas of open range mountains, crystal-blue lakes and forests as far as the eye can see from high atop a chairlift. Skiing is addictive because of the sheer beauty of the places you do it in. It’s addictive because of the thrill in cutting the first tracks early on a whisper-quiet morning and it stays with you for life because of the sheer exhilaration in slicing down a slope at a speed just this side of manageable.

Skiing is one of the great family holidays, especially for the teenagers in the family (they have to come with you because how else are they going to afford it!). For our money, Heavenly in South Lake Tahoe makes skiing easy. Absolutely splendiferous scenery, a ski-friendly town geared to every budget and trails to suit cruisers, beginners and speedsters. We love Taho and my bet is you will too if you make the trip to this beautiful part of the world.