Time for a little controversy…


Paris is a great city, truly one of the world’s most refined, classy and elegant places on earth. It looks down its nose at you, should you come from elsewhere, because it can. But what is with the Mona Lisa? You’ve seen it a million times in mags and expect it to really be something… and then you turn the corner, pick up the pace and go face to face with it behind its bullet proof screen. And sigh. Is that it? Smallish, not a bad picture… but the greatest piece of art on the planet?

Forget the Mona Lisa, here are nine other things you really should do in Paris:

Buy a baguette, some fresh tomatoes, a chunk of ham and sit across the road from Notre Dame and just look at the building whilst you feast.

Sit in the round room at Musee De L’Orangerie and stare at Monet’s Water Lilies. You’ll come out a better person, believe me.

Climb Montmartre and have a beer whilst you people-watch.

Get in a taxi and ask the driver to take you around the Arc de Triomphe. Twice. Then forever more you’ll watch a movie set in Paris and be able to tell everyone in the room you’ve driven around that very road.

Walk the Champs Elysee and buy nothing.

Watch a show at the Moulin Rouge. So French!

Get up as early as you can and walk through your section of Paris and enjoy the bustle. Stop for breakfast at a café and marvel at good it all tastes.

Explore the rest of the Louvre – it’s pretty cool. And the entrance is something else.

Climb the Eiffel Tower. The queues are worth it for the view across all of Paris, and hey, everyone will ask if you did it. Oh, and take one of those silly perspective photos where it looks as if you’re partner is putting their finger on the high point.

Just don’t do this… (does he really crash every red light??)


Short stuff…


The power of music is a world-wide thing…

Every culture, every creed, every tribe, everyone, everywhere loves music. No matter who you are, where you live, what you do; from President to pauper and all points in between we all enjoy music.

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It’s ride-a-bike-day to work

Well, not really, but wouldn’t it be cool if this was your route to the office? Of course, not everyone has an office in Utah. In the back country. With warning signs.

Sexy trucks…

Now there are two words you never thought you’d see next to each other. But let us prove you wrong: (they’re working trucks believe it or not)

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Bonus! Check this out:

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The next big travel destination? India!


Well, it may take a couple of years to go mainstream (go on, jump ahead and see it before the crowds catch on), but India is fast becoming the place to be seen. Russell Brand and Katy Perry were married there, Brangelina have made a couple of trips there and every second Hollywood star is making a guest appearance in a Bollywood spectacular.

India is vast, confronting, culturally diverse and a historical cornucopia. It’s also a culinary feast and has scenery to die for. It’s most famous building (the Taj Mahal) is on almost everyone’s must see list for good reason – because it truly does live up to the hype – and the rest of the country has sights and sounds that will blow you away. India makes an impression on every visitor and everyone leaves with some sort of overriding sense of the place. For us it was the color – color in the clothing, color in the wall murals that adorn many buildings, color in the movie posters that are absolutely everywhere.

Color is big in India:

Image source: boston.com

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