What’s Up for “Day Trips” from Atlanta, Georgia?



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Are you planning a visit to Atlanta in the near future, and wondering what is in the surrounding areas for day trips? Perhaps you have smaller children and are looking for something different, or maybe a romantic destination for adults. We will show you some awesome ideas that you just might want to check out.

One of Georgia’s most popular family destinations is in the town of Stone Mountain, and is called appropriately Stone Mountain Park. Mount Rushmore its not, but still the carving in the mountain just happens to be the largest “high-relief” sculpture in the world. It’s definitely picture worthy. The family can travel to the top of the mountain in a cable car, or by foot trail if exercise is in the picture. There’s a lake and streams along 15 miles of trails, and you can take a WWII amphibious vehicle for a ride into Stone Mountain Lake. Lots more to do, including treetop zip lines, water themed rope crossings, old fashion steam railway, 4-D-theater and so much more.



Super “insider tips” from locals for your San Francisco Vacation



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Visiting a popular travel destination like San Francisco can be a challenge, especially for those of us that just don’t want the “cookie cutter” tourist trap vacation. If you’re sick and tired of the crowds, picture takers everywhere, rip-off gift shops and such, why not listen to the locals? After all, if you ask any resident of San Francisco, the only time they visit these places is if friends and relatives visiting them insist.

Quite possibly the best and most photographic beach in Greater San Francisco and one frequented by locals is Fort Funston Beach, and considered by most as a secret. This is where locals with “pooches” go to enjoy beach dog runs and so can you. Don’t be concerned if you’re not a dog person because there are lots of areas without dogs. There is also horseback riding the beach via Mar Vista Stable in the area. There is a main parking area above the beach cliffs and a walkway down to the beach and water. It’s a great beach to relax on, get some sun, but beware, waters are dangerous and not for swimming. That being said, it’s popular for surfers, dolphins, whales and seals. For history buffs, neighboring Battery Davis is a great place to visit old gun batteries and in fact, there’s a tunnel to the beach area.

Hot Tip: forget about the rental car. Parking can break a day’s budget, so instead use the excellent public transportation systems.



The Best adult visitor “To Do List” in Greater Los Angeles



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There are so many things depending on your interests to do on a vacation in Los Angeles, it’s difficult to know where to start. Of course there is Disneyland, is you’re still a youngster at heart, but for those not excited about visiting with Goofy and Mickey, there are much better options.

For instance, you may want to spend some time walking the streets of Beverly Hills, if not to just window shop, people watch or be a “celeb stalker”. ”. If any of these activities sound like your plan, maybe you should also experience the Beverly Hot Springs. Who knows, this may also cure the need to spot a celebrity or two.

Located just out of Beverly Hills proper on North Oxford Ave., their hot springs are natural flowing 95-105 degree’s of super minerals. The Hot Springs offer a world of special treatments as well as massage treatments. This isn’t your generic modern spa for sure, with hot pools to soak in stone caves and calming lights. Now doesn’t that just sound like a relaxing vacation event?


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