Don’t “break the bank” on your holiday L.A. vacation



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Choosing to vacation in any major city during popular seasons can be a mighty drain on the wallet, but there are ways to keep it in control. Your choice to visit Los Angeles this holiday season can be exciting and made of memories, or a nightmare to your savings account, its up to you. As with any vacation, careful planning and research will save that “after vacation depression”, and we are here to help with that.

Today everything can be found on-line, especially deals and discounts. Start as early as possible researching and making those air, train, bus, and hotel reservations. Be sure to look at off-hour flights as well as flights into other local airports than LAX. Sometime there are cheaper flights into Burbank, Oakland or Orange County Airport.

It’s the same with hotel reservations, where you should not only look at L.A. proper, but outlines as well. Of course it depends on whether you will be renting a vehicle or not as well. That rental car can drain the vacation budget quite a bit, so staying in the city, and using public transportation can be key to savings. That being said, if you have plans to travel outside of L.A., say to San Diego, renting tat car, and locating a hotel out of L.A. will balance expenses. You also won’t be paying a fortune in parking fees like you would in the big city.


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Our “Local Expert” Tips for a perfect San Diego Vacation



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Whether you are planning a trip to sunny San Diego with the whole family, your spouse or traveling alone, you’re guaranteed a good time. This top travel destination is just that for a reason, plenty of sun, fun, attractions and food. Lets look through a local’s eyes at some of the best things to do on your vacation.

There are no shortages of hotels in downtown San Diego and along the bay, so if possible, get your hotel in one of these. A local would point out you can keep yourself busy on foot and with local transportation, without need of a rental car. That is not only a major coat savings, but also allow you to enjoy adult beverages without fear of getting lost or pulled over late at night.

Walking around Seaport Village, or perhaps renting a cycle or rollerblades for the long wide sidewalk allows you to view the sites, and get some exercise. From coffee shops to awesome restaurants, with of course outside seating so you don’t miss the sights. Just the little shops are well worth spending time there.



Is it time for a Couples Vacation in Orlando?


Orlando, Florida. Lake Eola and palm trees in foreground.

  • Orlando, Florida. Lake Eola and palm trees in foreground.

Summer is over this year, and children are back in school. So is it time for a vacation that just involves you and your wife, husband or partner? Orlando area attractions aren’t just for families and kids, and in many cases, getting your photo with Goofy can be a special thing. That being said, there are bunches of things in parks and just around town for couples, so lets take a peak.

To begin with, where you decide to stay can be key to your success in your adult getaway vacation. As you search you discount choices for hotels, look for deals on hotels like the Hilton Suites on International Drive that offer Jacuzzi suites that are a super way to begin or end your day. A spectacular pool with services also should reward you. Spending time poolside and if possible in your own cabana can be just as exciting as a day in Disney or other attractions. In fact you will probably spend much less money renting the cabana, on food and cocktails poolside than in a local attraction. In fact, if you really want to surprise your partner, surprise him or her with poolside massage or in-room or spa treatment. Believe me, sometimes a mud bath is all that’s needed to relax!