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Ask anyone from Nashville, Tennessee or have ever visited, and they will tell you, it’s a fun filled town, and you got to “honky tonk”! Just the name, which you have to admit, is fairly strange, makes you think of smoke filled bars, cheap drinks, drunk cowboys and loud music. Trust us, you can easily find this in a real country music town, and even in Nashville. But we want to expose you to some of the best music bars, so pull on those snakeskin boots and get ready to dance.

There are some fun “dive bars” out there in Nashville that are just part of its music history. Take for instanced the Tootsie Orchid Lounge, which was probably the most popular joint back when the Grand Ole Opry was at Ryman Auditorium a few doors down. It still today enjoys many long time customers, not only for fun times, awesome music, cold brews but the “no cover charge” at the door.

For a local favorite right on Honky Tonk Row, where awesome barbecue ads to the ambience of live music and booze, Rippy’s Smokin Bar & Grill should be your “go to” joint. If you want a break from the party, you can head upstairs to the outdoor patio, enjoy not only food service and cocktails, but the finest view of Lower Broadway in town.

Music lovers flock each year to Nashville for good reason, there’s never a shortage of live music in this great town. You can find country, soul, rock & roll, blues and country rock here, and a overload of fun.

Fun Events in Nashville 3 Nashville (2)

There’s also a “target rich” photo environment if you’re looking for celebrities and the unusual country art. Take for instance Robert’s Western World on Broadway, a long time local favorite tonk. When was the last time you were in a club, with an entire wall made out of old cowboy boots? Another quirky place is the Red Door Saloon, which actually has three locations in town, each with its own “skeletons in the closet” or basement as it were. Yes, the old time rumors passed even today state that each of these Honky Tonks has a real human skeleton in their basements. We doubt you will get any pics of them, but everyone loves a good story! One more fun fact about the Red Door Saloon, is the old jukebox that’s actually completely made from pennies!

Although it isn’t a honky tonk, we do have a “beer lovers” must visit bar for you, the Flying Saucer on 10th Ave. This joint offers over eighty on-tap beers, as well as over 150-bottled celebrity beers. The say “location is everything” and that holds true here in Nashville as well, finding this bar located in 1900’s train station.

Now lets look at what is considered “off limits” to many old timers in Nashville, the Lower Broadway area of tonks. This is a wild and woolly four blocks of joints offering wild activities for college age visitors, bachelorette parties and more. Don’t listen to the “traditional hard core tonkers”, but get out and check out the new wave in tonks.

We already mentioned “Tootsies” earlier, but lets take a peak at another popular honky tonk, especially for those that can’t take the smoke. The Second Fiddle is one of the few that is totally “non-smoking” bars in Nashville. For obvious reasons it’s a smaller club than most, but still enjoys some good tunes and drinks.

One place that’s always packed and we mean, standing room only packed, is the Stage on Broadway. Even though its got one of the largest dance floors in town, its hard to tell because of the amount of people on it most times. It’s a fun place where visitors can go dressed up like a real cowboy, in their brand new jeans and hats, and fit in.

Finally, it’s getting pretty hard to hit any vacation spot without finding a parrot, and a Margaritaville! Does Jimmy Buffet sing country rock or soul music? No, but this place can still rock when you find the need of a little salt in your cocktail.

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