Madrid – one of the best-looking cities in Europe!


Madrid is an explosion of sights and sounds, glorious experiences and food on a par with the best in the world. This beautiful city is so chock-full of things to see and do I hope you have at least a week up your sleeve!

Start your journey in a late night flamenco bar; listen to the castanets, watch the swirling silk and drink in the rhythms of the guitars – you’ll be hooked! It’s much better live and Madrid abounds in Flamenco Bars. Some are better quality than most and the one to watch out for is Casa Patas (C/Cañizares 10, Lavapiés). Every night is party night in Madrid and flamenco will start you off as you should continue – stamp and clap like a local, consume vast quantities of sangria and enjoy yourself!

Enjoy some local vermouth (not as you know it) alongside tapas on a Sunday afternoon. The Madrid version of vermouth is made from sweet white wine blended with herbs, flowers, fruit peel, seeds and plants, with ice and a slice and is drunk as an aperitif.

Are you a shoe fanatic? Blessed be the gods – Madrid is a world-class manufacturer of women’s shoes. Search out the best of the seconds shops in Augusto Figueroa, in the heart of Chueca and spend up large for more things your wardrobe doesn’t need.

The museums of Madrid are in every guidebook but for our money you simply can’t miss Guernica, in the Museo Reina Sofía. It’s one of Picasso’s finest works and is stunning on a visual sense, a context sense and a historical sense. It is a ‘must see’ in Madrid.

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