Is it time for a Couples Vacation in Orlando?


Orlando, Florida. Lake Eola and palm trees in foreground.

  • Orlando, Florida. Lake Eola and palm trees in foreground.

Summer is over this year, and children are back in school. So is it time for a vacation that just involves you and your wife, husband or partner? Orlando area attractions aren’t just for families and kids, and in many cases, getting your photo with Goofy can be a special thing. That being said, there are bunches of things in parks and just around town for couples, so lets take a peak.

To begin with, where you decide to stay can be key to your success in your adult getaway vacation. As you search you discount choices for hotels, look for deals on hotels like the Hilton Suites on International Drive that offer Jacuzzi suites that are a super way to begin or end your day. A spectacular pool with services also should reward you. Spending time poolside and if possible in your own cabana can be just as exciting as a day in Disney or other attractions. In fact you will probably spend much less money renting the cabana, on food and cocktails poolside than in a local attraction. In fact, if you really want to surprise your partner, surprise him or her with poolside massage or in-room or spa treatment. Believe me, sometimes a mud bath is all that’s needed to relax!

Orlando, Florida. Lake Eola and palm trees in foreground.

As we started off talking about Goofy, lets look at things specifically fun for adult couples in Disney World. What could be ore romantic than taking a ride through the less visited areas of Disney in a horse-drawn carriage? You can arrange this while fighting off  “attackers” of the Fort Wilderness Resort. Renting a “surrey bicycle” and peddling your way through the paths along the rivers can enjoy another “ride for two”.

If you are planning to spend a day or two at Universal Studios and want to escape from the younger crowds in the evening we have awesome suggestions for you. We highly suggest a visit to New Orleans for a tall cool “Hurricane”. No flight required, because there’s a Pat O’Brien’s right there in CityWalk, to sip and dance the night away. Another highly fun place is a visit to Margaretville for their special Margarita’s.

Of course, you are in Florida, which is pretty much the Golf Capitol of the U.S. in our opinion. Most of the Orlando hotels and resorts can arrange T-times for you and these golf courses can also offer lessons if this is your first time. This can actually be a bit of ‘fun in the sun” for you two, because its 2-4 hours of time spent in a little cart, where you can laugh away, talk freely, and just have fun.

Now for some idea’s for Orlando dining, just made for couples who are yearning for quiet, personal and maybe romantic location, and of course, excellent food.

Our first suggestion is something gaining attention these days, because it’s not about eating big, but rather all about “small plates”. We are talking about the Ceviche Tapas Bar and Restaurant on Church St. Orlando. You’ll swear that you have just entered a dark but warm tapas bar in Peru. Choose from over 100 small plate options or maybe fresh tuna ceviche served in a champagne glass. Pair these with a Spanish wine or beer of choice and relax for hours.

Another suggestion just begging for two is The Melting Pot on Douglas Ave, offering Fondue. Although this was popular back in the 60’s and 70’s, today its making a comeback. This is your “go to” place for leather booths for two, hot dip, and choices like seafood, beef, poultry or veggies. And for keeping on a budget, most dinners are under $35 for two.

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