Exploring the River Walk in San Antonio


As famous as it is today, the San Antonio River Walk has been a local joy since 1968 – not nearly as long and with way less activities, sights and facilities, but none-the-less San Antonio has been fine-tuning their tourist experience for a long time. Check out cheaprooms.com to see what’s available and find a discount hotel room in San Antonio to suit every budget from the more-than 300 hotels on offer.

San Antonio is a great city for moving around outside – the heat of summer not withstanding. And the San Antonio River Walk relies on the weather for people to get the most out of it. For cheap accommodation in San Antonio all you need do is select a hotel nearest your preferred start to the River Walk.

All that exercise on the River Walk will make you hungry so plan to stop at some of the extraordinary restaurants on the way. Biga’s on the Bank is a popular River Walk restaurant, with a wide-ranging menu and a focus on healthy meals. It’s been going since 1991 so they’re doing something right. It’s more a fine dining choice rather than cheap and cheerful, but the American cuisine specialties such as 11-spice Texas Venison and grilled quail, as well as several fish dishes are well worth stopping in for.

The locals consider the River Walk area to be the horseshoe bend portion of the river from roughly the Drury Inn & Suites to The Westin Hotel, as you’ll see on this excellent map of the River Walk area. That’s a fairly short walk and the city is trying to expand the walk to reach the San Antonio Museum of Art. The club and pub scene is really just in the horseshoe area however and this is where to concentrate your people-watching skills. Best time to see it is the early morning as it does get crowded later in the afternoon and evening.

Of course, it may be called the River Walk, but you can see the River Walk by boat and save all that walking energy for a stroll over to the Alamo. The boats take you around the 2 1/2 mile circuit and you get to experience a different world away from the hub bub of the roads above. The boats are actually simple barges but it’s a cheap ride and you get to see everything you need to see. Longer cruises will take you up river to the Pearl Brewery and the Art Museum.

Most people don’t go beyond the downtown horseshoe, but you’re missing out if that’s the case. Head north of downtown to discover the art installations on the way to the San Antonio Art Museum. There are 12 in total and best time to see them is night because they all use light in a different way. If you’re taking a river boat up to the Pearl Brewery (well worth it), you get a close up look. at some quite extraordinary public art. The fish under the I-35 are great.

Superbike racing in slow-mo is impressive…

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