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You have never visited or experienced the fantastic city of New Orleans, and now you’re planning your first trip there. Of course you’ve heard that to experience the “Big Easy”, you just have to spend your time on Bourbon Street, because that’s where everything is “happening”. Sure, you’ve heard from friends that this is the center of attraction for the cities food, drinks, and music parties and of course, the “beads” and public nudity they provide.


But that’s really not New Orleans, far from it.

Bourbon Street is basically one big tourist trap my friends. Forget rushing into the first store you find to stock up on cheap plastic beads, and then a large “designer cocktail” in a large plastic cup, made from grain alcohol. Instead, find a really good hat store and buy yourself a New Orleans hat. There are plenty of haberdashers, and that hat will not only keep your head cool, but make you look cool to the ladies too.

As far as visiting Bourbon Street, if you must, make it a quick tourist stop. If you get off that main drag, you can experience some of the “real” New Orleans in the French Quarter. Tk-paulhen, get out of that area and visit a few other less traveled neighborhoods.

You can take a streetcar down to the Mid-City area, or continue on to the Garden District. This is where you can save some money, by strolling through the many old cemeteries located there, instead of paying for a high priced tour.

If it’s time to hit some nightclubs for New Orleans style music and a cocktail or two, you might want to instead of hitting Bourbon  Street, wander over to Frenchman Street. It’s true; you won’t find the “frozen cocktail” joints on every corner, or the strip joints where you can’t figure out why the “lady” has such a deep voice.

What you will find, are some excellent jazz bars, where your drink is made with real liquor, and the music is awesome. Well-known establishments filled with locals, like Café Negril with its live music and much cheaper cocktails than Bourbon Street, and the Spotted Cat hosting live music every night.

Now lets talk about street food and keeping to your budget without jeopardizing your health. The last thing you want to do is wander thotdogshe streets, loaded on cheap “alcohol slushies’’’” and grabbing one or two of the “lucky dogs” at a corner stand because they smell delicious. Trust us, they may smell good, but you’ll only see inebriated tourists eating them, not locals, and you won’t be feeling very “lucky”.

First of all, getting to that point in the first place on the streets of New Orleans is not the smartest thing, because it could put you in danger, and not just what you do want to eat. Why not control your self a bit, and experience the food that helps make New Orleans famous, which still won’t break the bank? Ask around for a good place that serves jambalaya or shrimp po-boys. We highly suggest grabbing your po-boy at NOLA Po’boys on Bourbon, or a local favorite Verdi Marte that’s on Royal Street.


It’s a great way to satisfy that hunger after a night on the town, and has helped the locals for many years, so trust their choices.

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