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Choosing to vacation in any major city during popular seasons can be a mighty drain on the wallet, but there are ways to keep it in control. Your choice to visit Los Angeles this holiday season can be exciting and made of memories, or a nightmare to your savings account, its up to you. As with any vacation, careful planning and research will save that “after vacation depression”, and we are here to help with that.

Today everything can be found on-line, especially deals and discounts. Start as early as possible researching and making those air, train, bus, and hotel reservations. Be sure to look at off-hour flights as well as flights into other local airports than LAX. Sometime there are cheaper flights into Burbank, Oakland or Orange County Airport.

It’s the same with hotel reservations, where you should not only look at L.A. proper, but outlines as well. Of course it depends on whether you will be renting a vehicle or not as well. That rental car can drain the vacation budget quite a bit, so staying in the city, and using public transportation can be key to savings. That being said, if you have plans to travel outside of L.A., say to San Diego, renting tat car, and locating a hotel out of L.A. will balance expenses. You also won’t be paying a fortune in parking fees like you would in the big city.


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You know that Hollywood will be on your “must do” experiences in the Los Angeles area, and we highly suggest you purchase a Hollywood CityPASS, because it just makes money sense. Lets face the truth; you know you want to check out all the hand and footprints in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater and all the stars on the Walk of Fame, which are free. But that’s not the only experience you should enjoy in Hollywood for sure. The CityPASS also gives you a 2-hour air-conditioned mini-buss narrated “movie tar home tour”, and you know you want to see where these people live, right? It also includes your admission to Madam Tussauds Hollywood, and admission to the Hollywood Museum or the Kodak Theater where the Academy Awards are presented, and more. This pass gives you hours of enjoyment and seeing the sights, and is only $59 a person, half what it would cost if you didn’t have the pass.

Dallas Gourmet Food Truck Festival - August 2011 - Held on Saturday, August 27, 2011 at Sigels Liquor Store on Greenville Lane in Dallas TexasAnother excellent way to save money is to leave your credit cards in the room safe when you stroll Rodeo Drive! Seriously, tis strip of shops in L.A.’s famous shopping district is truly for the rich and famous, with their bottomless budgets, not yours. You can easily be tempted to buy those shoes or handbag, which are the same price as a Mediterranean Tour! This street is for “window shopping” only. If you need to shop and buy something, hit a mall in West Hollywood or someplace else.

Then there are your food choices, which is also a major expense that can add up quickly. Of course you will want to experience a nice restaurant or two, because after all, it’s the West Coast, and seafood is awesome out here. But for most meals you can help your budget with a taco or two, empanada or even some of L.A.’s excellent Thai restaurants that are quite inexpensive. And as I always do in most major cities in the U.S., keep an eye out for the ever popular “food trucks”, because there are some awesome “mobile chef’s” out there, serving cheap tasty treats.





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