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How to stay “Cool” on vacation in Las Vegas this summer

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Being “cool” on vacation in Las Vegas isn’t just about shorts and tank tops, although that’s a topic we will definitely touch on, because Vegas is hot in the summer months. But first we need to give you a “heads up” on being cool around town and especially in the casinos and nightclubs.

Summer is probably some of the busiest and hottest months in the desert land of Las Vegas, and most popular at the casino hotel pools. Granted, skimpy bikini’s and at some pools, no bathing suit is acceptable. That being said, you need to be prepared to dry off and actually put clothes on before going back into the casino or to your room. A simple towel or see thru cover-up isn’t acceptable, and could provide an embarrassing experience.

Now a little advice about being “the other cool”, especially when heading out during the evening to one of the fancy nightclubs. Although most places are fine with casual attire during the day, things change after dark. When you advance to that “bouncer” at the door of that exclusive club with your date. Especially after waiting in line, you don’t want to be turned away. Make sure you bring with, o buy there, you’re “Dress to impress” outfit, and we’re talking guys and girls alike. T-shirt, ball caps and sneakers won’t get you in, so don’t even try.

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Another temp related issue in Vegas you should be aware of is if its 100 degrees outside on the strip go for the tank tops and shorts. However, stepping into the casinos will feel like the North Pole, because they keep them cold, so you may want to bring along a light jacket or hoodie.

Hint: start your early morning off with a dip in the un-heated and cool hotel pool before heading out onto the strip. That way you start out cooler, and statistically will stay cooler longer.

If you are out enjoying the heat of day on the Vegas Strip, we highly suggest that you create some internal cooling with a stop at Carlos ‘n Charlie’s for one of their Giant Frozen margaritas. They are located at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, and have a outside patio with table umbrellas.

One of the best “cooling features” when spending a day exploring the Vegas Strip is the Las Vegas Monorail System, which only costs $12 for an unlimited day pass.  Walking the strip outside between casinos may visually make them look closer, but believe me; they are spaced pretty far apart. Jumping into a air conditioned monorail car in a covered station and walking out into the next casino is key to staying cooler.

Hint: Ladies, there are boutique luxury swimwear stores on almost every block, so why not treat yourself with a “little something” and head to the pool?

Speaking of pools, if you staying at one of the big resort hotels with designer pools make advance reservations for one of the cabanas, and you’ll thank me forever. Cooling off at say the Mandalay Beach offers you cabanas, daybeds, a massive wave pool and their lazy river.


Fun and Free things to enjoy on your Denver Vacation

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Throughout the entire year Denver offers excellent thing to do, and most are pretty much free. If you have an opportunity to visit Denver tis year, but are on a tight budget, you can still keep in your budget with careful planning. We are here to help.

As money is obviously on your mind, why not learn how to make it?

The Denver, Colorado U.S. Mint manufactures over fifty million coins per day, and each one is stamped with a little “d”, designating that coin as “made in Denver”. You can learn all about this process on one of the Mint Tours offered, for free. Tours are available from 9am-3:30pm Monday –Thursday on one of these 45 minute tours where you will watch a slug of metal be transformed into pocket change.

For adults there are a couple fun and yes, free tours that you just have to check out. Both the Coors Brewery and the Great Divide Brewery offer free tours of their manufacturing facility as well as their “free sample” area. The Coors facility is located in Boulder, so you will need transportation and possibly a designated driver for that visit. The Great Divide Brewery is located downtown Denver and possibly you can walk back to your hotel, or at least a cab.


If you can manipulate the date of your visit to say, the first week of September, you can enjoy “A Taste of Colorado” September 2-5, 2016, Labor Day Weekend. Well over 500,000 others will be attending this event, with its massive outdoor marketplace, free concerts, food from over fifty restaurants and more. This is one of Denver’s premier events, and well worth attending, because all it will cost you is your food and drinks. Of course, that’s only if you hide your wallet while touring the marketplace.

Another excellent summer activity great for the whole family is to rent inflatable kayaks from one f the rental stories near the South Platte River and shoot the rapids.

For experienced kayakers rent and paddle away. If you have never done this before, you might want to take a lesson or go with a guide, from a good company like Confluence Kayaks.

As you are in the heart of the “Wild West”, a visit to the Buffalo Bill Museum” in nearby Golden is almost a mandatory adventure. Visiting this fantastic museum, you will be taken back through the life of William F. Cody and his “wild west”. Whether or not you are a cowboy or cowgirl at heart, you will find the artifacts, artwork, clothing and firearms on display amazing. You can also get a photo or two at the actual gravesite of Wild Bill on the property.

You can also join the “in fit” crowd and do some hiking in the natural environment that is Denver. Close by you can find many excellent trails in the Front Range, offering many hiking trails for day-hikers or serious backpackers. Keep in mind that they don’t call Denver “Mile High” for nothing, and be prepared for the lower oxygen. Make sure to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, a hat, and cover-up just in case.


First Timers Guide to a perfect Atlantic City summer vacation

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In days gone by people didn’t flock to Atlantic City, New Jersey for the gambling, they came for the beach, boardwalk, and most importantly, the Salt Water Taffy!

This was the iconic summertime play zone during the 20’s when the thought of seeing a lady’s bare midriff was almost an instant jail term. Back in those days, kids ran and played on the beach, while Mom and Dad relaxed and watched from a blanket.

So why not experience the same thing this summer?


Still today, after over 130 years you can still walk into Fralinger’s Salt Water Taffy and purchase a box of these sticky but oh so delicious treats packaged in the iconic oyster boxes. While there you can still pick up a corny souvenir for someone back home.

Still today people come to the beach here for the soft clean sands and surf, where the ocean is filled with both small and large boogie boarders challenging the waves. Access to the beaches directly from the boardwalk gives opportunity for Mom and Dad to grab something to eat or sip on while watching the children down below.

And trust us, the Steel Pier has been entertaining both youngsters and adults alike since the days of the Roaring 20’s, when gangsters brought their families here to entertain themselves while they “conducted business”. You can spend an entire day enjoying the thrills and chills of over twenty-five awesome rides, enticing games and arcades. And there are rides for all ages, from kiddies to death defying coaster rides for Dad. When it’s time to grab a bite, the pier is home to fast food choices, as well as some great seafood restaurants like the Ocean Reef Bar and Grill, when the summer heat calls for some cold brews.

The famous Atlantic City Boardwalk built back in 1870 and recently made famous in the “Boardwalk Empire” series, is still the best place for strolling and people watching. Stretched over four miles, it was constructed to keep the ground level sand out of the hotels.

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If you choose to walk the entire pier, you will find yourself at the latest shopping experience, located on the old “Ocean One Pier”, built way back in 1906, which back then was named the “Million Dollar Pier”. Today it’s an excellent “higher-end” shopping mall, but if you’re not into shopping, at least take a selfie in front of the beautiful musical fountain.

As you are certainly aware, the gambling in hotel casinos is also a draw for many, but if that’s not important to you, don’t count them out. The fact is there are some awesome shows all the time available for you to see. From Circus Du Soleil, Blood Sweat and Tears, to Pat Benatar and Cast of Impractical Jokers and the Tenderloins, entertainment is just a call away for tickets. And if “Prize Fight” are something you enjoy, check ahead for who’s in the ring during your stay.

Before you leave Atlantic City there’s a site that you just have to visit and get a photo or two of. That would be the six-story tall, 65-foot, tin and wooden elephant called Lucy the Margate Elephant in the little town of Margate. Lucy was built back in 1881 to entice visitors to visit their little town, and maybe look to purchase summer homes there. Give your kids a thrill as they climb up the spiral stairs to the small decorated riding “cabin” on her back, and click a photo. Actually, you might want to do the same, because the view is spectacular.