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Whether you have just arrived in Atlantic City and are looking for some good cheap eats, or you lost your shirt at the gaming tables and have to eat cheap, have we got good news for you. Local input brings you some excellent choices for some tasty dishes at low prices, most places under 15 bucks.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

For a good time head to the Irish Pub on St. James Place where you get to enjoy some super special dishes off their dinner blackboard for under $7. Crab cakes, fish & chips and much more choices, tasty but not fancy so like other high dollar restaurants in town. The local’s locals as well as casino staffers frequent this place for a good reason, great cheap eats. Add a pour of draft Guinness for $4.50 and your meal still is under the $15 mark.

If your just dying for a great Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, then this place has that and so much more choices, for under that $15 target. Tony Luke’s a restaurant that has been teasing taste buds in South Philly for ages, can also tempt yours here in Atlantic City. You can get choices like a great Ribeye, or go for the gusto with their signature Phili Cheesesteak sandwich $9.50. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you can definitely fill your tummy for under the $15.


How about a visit to Mexico? Well, not exactly but really close, and cheap food too.

Los Amigos located on Atlantic Ave serves up some impressive Tex-Mexican and Southwest fare for under $15, with combo platters going for $14 that includes three tasty tacos, enchilada’s and more. You may have to go a tad over the limit and spring for a Corona.

With “bowl dishes” becoming ever so popular in the U.S., maybe you should check out the Empress Gem Noodle Bar located on the 2nd floor of the Treasure Palace Hilton Casino Resort. Whether Asian food is your thing or not, you’ll love what’s served here. Hot steamy bowls of noodles with garlic, ginger, chicken and flavors galore. Get a fun exciting and tasty bowl for under $8 or a clam bowl with rice and black beans for under $10.

tom yum kung

Most people know the way you can tell if a restaurant is serving good food, by the cars outside. This next recommendation for some good cheap food is famous for its food as well as the line of contractor trucks outside during lunch and dinner.

Angelo’s Fairmont Tavern at corner of Fairmont and Mississippi has been serving the public since the mid 1930’s, and still going strong. It may not look so great on the outside, but sit down at a table for a $7 lunch special including awesome hot subs or lasagna or ravioli for under $15 and you’ll become a fan.

Lastly lets check out some good down home Vietnamese chow that you can find for a tidy fee at Little Saigon on Arctic Ave. Here you can experience tasty staples of the Vietnamese culture like a steamy bowl of Pho, a noodle soup filled with rice and beef, rice and fried chicken, both for under $7.


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