5 Ways To Extend The Summer Season



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Just because the calendar suggests that you can put the swimsuit away for the season, does not mean that summer is done. If you are one of those people who hopes to have the endless summer there are plenty of destinations that offer up sunshine most of the year.

These five spots will not hamper your fall, winter or spring vacations with snow and bone chilling temperatures. If you seek sunshine there is no better way to leave the chill at home and chill out with a drink in your hand and you toes n the sand. Well, you will not always get sand in Las Vegas but it does not get so cold you that you’ll need to pack a snow shovel.

5 Spots To Find The Endless Summer

Los Angeles – You can often find crowded beaches in Los Angeles in the middle of the winter while the rest of the country is deep under a few feet of snow. The local amusement parks like Disneyland and Six Flags are less crowded and local sports teams like the Lakers, Kings and Clippers are deep into their seasons. What you might not find are droves of tourists as people don’t visit in big number outside of the traditional summer months. Try a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation. Check prices on hotels that you would otherwise avoid for fear of breaking the budget and you might find that their rates drop once the busy tourist season has ended.


San Diego – With over 260 sunny days each year, this spot right next to the Pacific Ocean is perfect for those of you who just need to work on your tan a little longer. Couple that with the vibrant cultural scene, the expansive parks and plenty of budget-friendly attractions, and you have the makings of an extended summer vacation year- round.

Las Vegas – You probably already know that it is very warm in Las Vegas during the actual summer months but the truth is, aside from December and January the temperatures on the Las Vegas strip are very comfortable. The best part about the mild temperatures means that the pools are less crowded and that room rates are much lower. Visit Las Vegas midweek in October – December and February-March and you will be surprised at how low the cost of a room is for an above average resort.

Miami – Step off of an airplane in Miami in the middle of winter and the warm, slightly humid air is invigorating. The sweet smell of the Gulf Stream engages your senses and it is as if the summer season never went away. The crowds are thinner on South Beach during the week and you’ll notice the pale complexion of all the visitors from the north. It is not always sunnier in Miami but it is always warm and on the verge of a bright day. Accommodations can be had for budget prices but as you get closer to holiday periods the prices spike. If you can avoid weekends, you are in for a rock bottom price for a vacation in South Florida.

Hawaii – Of course you can chase summer in Hawaii because the sun is always shinning and the sand is always calling you to lounge your troubles away. What you don’t always factor in is that when the rest of the country goes back to school and work, the prices for just about everything drop considerably in Hawaii. If you have airline miles check your balances because October through December (except Thanksgiving and Christmas) are a prime time for utilizing those rewards. In Maui check out areas such as Kihei and Honokowai for rock bottom prices and major hotels in Oahu have surprisingly low rates during the off months.

About the Author: Zeke Quezada is a Los Angeles based Travel writer and novelist who splits his time between LA and Las Vegas. In addition to his role as Guide to Las Vegas Travel for About.com, Zeke is the editor of Checking In/Checking Out and Contributor to CheapRooms.com. He is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers.  Zeke dives, climbs, skis, eats, drinks, sails and swims as part of his daily employment. It’s okay to hate him just a little bit.

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