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Visiting the Capitol City of Washington, DC and staying within budget limits


The thought of vacationing in any U.S. major vacation destination can cause sleepless nights when thinking of a vacation budget. Granted, you can spend a whole bunch of cash and max out credit cards quite easily in D.C., but you can also stay under or at least break even quite easily.

The fact is Washington D.C. is loaded with free things to do, discounts to be found and cheap public transportation. Besides your airfare, the next largest expense is of course, hotel room. You really don’t need to stay inside the District, even though you may view that as an advantage. The truth is, rates are higher, and you can easily find cheaper high quality hotels outside the district. Getting into the District proper is very easy, with public transportation. In fact, Washington has one of the best mass transit systems anywhere. What do you thing all the government workers take into the city every morning? Cars? No, the Metrorail System is the way to go. You can also look right across the river in Virginia for some super deals and again, transportation is still cheap and easy.  For getting around the Metro area, you can take a taxi, Uber or Lyft.  Any and all of those will save you a bundle of money you would have spent on rental vehicle.